• Hello everyone, Im Sall a 26 old male and Master`s student in the UK.

    Ok.. I just wanna share this story with you guys... I need you all to judge my decision! Ok... I started dating this girl when I was 21 and now Im 26. She is a 28 years old and a divorced Mom with two little cute girls. I know her cuz she is my sisters friend and I used to see her when she used to come to our house to see and chat with my sister. Anyway, so long story short, I strated talking to her and we started going out but not always, cuz she is busy always with her kids. So, during the relationship I always asked her "why dont you bring your kids? so they at least would know me" and she would reply by saying "not yet, wait. I will introduce you to them when time is right" and this time guys never came......This shows that she is not serious about our relationship or she just dont trust me! I ignored this and trusted her and time went by as usual I would see her once in a week and this lasted for a bit of time..... So, some time passes and then this what happens: I told her Im about to travel to the UK and stay for a bit to do my Masters but I told her that I would call her always so she wont miss me that much. However, during the last year in the early days of August and when I was about to travel to the UK in September, started ignoring me like not caring to call or message me unless I fucking ask every time and her attitude lasted until last week, and before this moths went by she didnt call and never came to the airport to say good bye as she promised.
    So, suddenly she appears and sends me a text via snapchat (cuz its a thing back home lol) saying that she misses me and other bs So, I said its ok im not angry on you but pls if u dont like me just tell me its ok I will understand and I will not hate you just tell me the truth but she kept saying I really want you. So guys this what happened this week:

    1- I tried calling her for like 3 times but she didn't answer me..
    2- So, I decided to message her on Whats app but her sister was using that phone number (she got two phones, one for work and the second is private) so I was blocked there.
    3-Finally, she used snapchat to chat and tell me that this all happened (her sister blocking me and she didn't answer my phone) and stuff

    So, I tried to call her one more time but she didnt answer my call and then again she told me on snapchat that she would take a shower and then she would be able to answer me but i refused to call her and said, I will not call you from now on, she replied that she will explain but she didnt say anything after that until yesterday when I sent her another message teeling her this "I dont deserve to be treated like this, goodbye" and guess what happened guys? she actually replied by saying I will get back to you once I get ready for work and now the time is 2:50 am.
    Am I right in doing this or should I go and talk to her?
    I feel like i have been humiliated because of my sincerity, I had many other chances with other girls but I like to think I wasted my time with her.

    Sorry guys my English is shit and I`m high atm.******

  • Please, respect yourself otherwise others won't. She might like you but maybe her kids are her priority now, or she doesn't really care that much about you. I don't know her, so many things are possible. Just focus on yourself, you seem like a great person. Keep on doing your thing and focusing on your master's. When someone really gives a shit they'll let you know, not leave you so insecure. Hope I have helped. ♡

  • @420_High

    No matter how busy someone is, if that person loves/likes/cares for you he/she will make time for you, even if it's for a short call or texting. They'll never leave you hanging. On the other hand doubt will slowly eat you so I think you should try and talk to her so that you 2 can settle things in good terms and move on.

  • @420_High I advice you fly 1st. FLY = First love yourself. I can't judge her and be bias for what I just read from you who knows maybe she really likes you but her children matters most. Both of you might love each other but sigh it doesnt goes mutual. Actually love is not really weigh because it must be unconditional but since your love is greater then tendency is you also get hurt the most...
    If she really care she will make a way to communicate, but for now exhale doubt and focus about yourself. Hope you guys settle for best.. :-)

  • @420_High I don't remember where I did read a quote but it is still in my mind-
    ''If your girlfiriend is replying you very slow, that does not mean she is busy or anthing else. It means she got someone else whom she replies fast."
    In your situation, I think you should move on.

  • @420_High You settle for what you think you deserve.
    Just let that sink in. I don't know this lady but all the problems youre going through over one bird is ridiculous. It is up to you, is she worth wasting time and playing games? or do you want to move on and find a connection with someone who will put as much time into you as you will into them?
    Only settle for what you think you deserve.