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    This is how i feel daily.

  • @Vanie Vanie you are a shining star, you seem like a cracking kid to me, i would be proud if you were my daughter. And i would be delighted if you were my daughter's friend. Never give up, don't let the darkness consume you, a brighter day is always around the corner. And keep talking, that is what saves us

  • @Scottish thanks man. That made me smile. Cause, honestly, i really try. I've been hurt enough so i try to help build up others whenever possible.

  • @Vanie yep, it's always the way, those who know pain try to alleviate it in others, empathy and compassion ain't it? Chin up buttercup, good.things are in front of you 😊😊

  • @Scottish thanks man. Honestly, the world could use more peeps like you. You truely are amazing and kind.