• So like have y'all ever made a promise to someone that you knew you couldn't keep? Like have you promised something that only happens in dreams? How do you make that dream become a reality? How can you change yourself for someone else? Because you want to but you don't even know how to start changing yourself. You dont know how to let things go. You wanna change but you're scared to. You're scared to take that leap of faith because what if that person cant catch you? What if you fall? What if you fall and they let you lie there on the cold hard ground? Because you get so stuck in a certain way of life that you dont think that maybe there's a better life. Maybe you are kust destined to stay like this forever. But you know you don't deserve tyat person but they stay anyway. So you just try to cover up your old life with some paint and glue. But it fails and the paint falls off and the cracks and dents get bigger. Until one day they explode and then you're sitting there in your old way of life crying because you realize you just lost the most important person in the world to you. How do you change that? How do you change for that person? How do you make yourself better? How do you our 100% of your faith in someone who you know can handle it. They can take all the depression, anxiety, fear, everything. How do you give it all to them? So I guess my question is, is how do you change for someone? How do you take that leap of faith? Praying they will catch you. Knowing they will but focusing to much on the what ifs. How do you change that?

  • @boots22 you don't change, anything, the only thing you can do, is if you feel like you have a problem with yourself, is try to fix it yourself, and look out for any negative aspects about yourself, and reach out when you need it. The only thing you should always do, is remain open and honest always, with a partner, as lying only brings in more pain.

  • @us-poet damn. I was not expecting something so true. Thank you very much man.

  • @boots22 you're welcome. Just don't want you to repeat the same mistakes I did, but of course most people have to find that out themselves. It's hard to take advice sometimes. I'm not saying you won't, but that tends to happen no matter what. People just learn on there own.

  • @us-poet Oof yeah that's very true. I'm just trying to find answers and ways to help it honestly.

  • @boots22
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  • @boots22 we all have to learn somehow man.Life is all about experiences,we are humans,we do stupid and wrong things sometimes,but we always make a lessons out of it.