• Freedom Writers

    I remember when I first met you,
    you were so excited to meet me,
    as I was you.
    The way you could fill me love,
    and joy,
    and fun,
    it was only you Isabella,
    that would make my show up at the best of times,
    and always make me beam with joy from just your presence.
    For you I would do anything to make sure I made you as happy,
    as you made me.
    I'd even go out of my way to make your favorite meal,
    just to get a few more of your kisses,
    because you being that joyful,
    gives me the best delight.
    You'd lie with me all night,
    just because you knew I wanted to be next to you,
    and you were always the best one for cuddling.
    When I had to move,
    you could not come with me,
    and I regret it,
    but I can't take it back now,
    I just hope you were as happy in your last moments,
    as you were in your best moments.
    I'll always remmeber you Isabella,
    as you are forever apart of me,
    but you had a long and good life,
    and I know you can rest forever more,
    not having any more cares,
    or anything else ever bother you again.
    Even though you're a black lab,
    there is no one else that I've been that close with,
    and even though some people think you're just a dog,
    you will forever be my best companion.
    My best freind died today,
    and I'm just happy I got to know you,
    but I will be mourning a while longer,
    before the pain starts to fade.

  • @us-poet Did this really happen?!

  • @katie_15 not to me, but someone I know.

  • @us-poet this made me cry😢😢

  • @saine123 sadness happens, and I'm just here to record those moments, so others may relate.