• Freedom Writers

    You're personality is just so shiny,
    it comes out and shows the best in me.
    When you're near everything seems to just gleam,
    if someone's near they'll see what I mean.
    The shadows disappear into a glittery mist.
    They lights come out to say hello in your midst.
    You waves cause sparkles,
    causing my heart to grow,
    and allowing it all to flow,
    into what it's meant to be,
    because your shiny.
    Heading to get what I need,
    and there I see,
    your halo,
    it's so bright that I can't keep you out of sight,
    although try as I might,
    there you go making my world full of rainbows from your afterglow.
    When I look at you I confuse you for the sun.
    You're so bright and so much fun,
    I just feel lucky to have come across that glint.
    In case you need another hint,
    you're just so shiny,
    it's amazing just to get a glimpse of you.
    You're so shiny,
    I cannot dream that there'd be a being so bright,
    but then you came and I knew,
    that things are different,
    it's all better,
    I see what's made you tick,
    you've seem to do the trick,
    of taking any pain,
    and filling those holes with sunlight.

  • @us-poet You're so in love hahaha. This poem is adorable!

  • As always your poems are so beutifull and full of feeling, thank you again for picking up my day 😄

  • @girlwhois16 I am full of love, in love, and full of wonder. Thank you for noticing.

  • @ninni it's truly a pleasure.