• This is just a rant, but don’t y’all just hate it when someone you really care about starts ignoring you out of the blue for no apparent reason? And you don’t even know what you did wrong, and then start blaming yourself when it starts happening repeatedly. And then you feel like shit when you bring it up and the other person plays the victim and you don’t know anymore what to fucking do and finally decide to let it go for fear of intruding in on the other persons life lol. Fuck, it’s such a fucking mess.

  • Turn back now and get out before you get hurt. Believe me when I say that this behaviour is a mark of bad times ahead.

  • @Scottish @Anka thanks y’all, will do. I appreciate you guys :)

  • @Terran it's their shit, not yours. Don't internalise it. It also may be the beginning of controlling behaviour on their part. Run for the hills before you get sucked into something awful

  • @Terran and don't feel bad about yourself, we've all been there. Recognize that you were only open to this because you're one of the good people. Kudos to you

  • @Scottish yessir, thanks very much :))

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