• Hope no one minds me just venting on here but I don't care right now. I have been down at the bottom of life. Been homeless and have slept in uncomfortable places like a bus bench and all that was while my now ex wife/girlfriend was pregnant. Be cause of me Lossing my job because I had to make sure she was ok when she was coughing up chunks of blood for a while. (P.s. the little man is great and he's 4 now.) We had to put him up for adoption since we had no where to go at the time. Last time I saw or even held my son was when he was 23 hours old. The adopted parents dont talk to me so I sometimes have to go to my ex for pictures of him. Now that was all back in 2014... Now I'm living with my ex father in law whom's a good man, I finally got a job last month and already pulling over 40 hours a week which is fine. Right now I'm struggling with very bad depression and have suicidal thoughts ever min of the day, I'm not going to kill myself just to let anyone who reads this know, I'm actually enjoying the thoughts which kinda scared the shit out of me but hey it's normal.....right?? Well that's it for now I got work in 23 mins and gotta walk up there. If you want to here more I'll be back and if not well to bad cause I'll be back. Thanks for listening to my rant of life so far even if it doesn't sound like much this was just something I needed to get off my mind before I have to work thanks again and good night

  • Hmm not sure whether to troll this or not, it sounds pretty serious tho, how old are you?

  • I honestly don't care if you troll or not. Also I'm 24

  • Music Lovers

    That's a lot of pain u had to go through,but u feel confident to handle these by yourself. Still if u want to talk about anything u can message me.