• i realize i must live under a rock, but i am one of the few people that do not care for smartphones. i think they make us even lazier than we already are. they are cluttered with apps that do the same as other apps with different names. but my gripe is, not when you go to a WEB SITE, on a LAPTOP, what do you see? article just now in my feed is about "google updating phishing measures". fine, but what does it also say ? "for android and iphone" . half the damn net now thinks EVERYONE has a phone and is browsing that way! guess what? browsing on the net from a phone fkn sucks! damn near squinting on some of those sites! it is just that whole "give me an option on this page , dont assume". but it's like anything else these days. have you noticed your movies are disappearing on cable? half the shit from the golden globes was all on netflix and hulu and amazon and disney+. they are FORCING you to those mediums by taking away the normal channels on tv and going to that. all i have ever asked for in life is the OPTION to take what you are offering me or TO STICK WITH THAT I LOVE. i already have done that. case in point. i have no desire to have google break my chit in every knew update that comes out. so i am using CHROME 56! because this time I made the descision. not you google! blah

  • Still rocking the blackberry, these new phones are super sketch. 24/7 location monitoring, microphone listening, fingerprint scanning, facial recognition constant data dumping all of your shit on some server. Fuck that. Imagine paying like a grand a year and another 1000+ to become a human data mine. I'm rocking that $50 BB10 on a $8 a month plan, they call me by my real jewish name dollar sign coupon discount.

    BTW go read Edward Snowdens latest book. Oh and this article that just came out the other day. Thats just what we know.