• all this damn cam whores and sex kittens and pervs, is that all that you think about? i see some on here mentioning about a relationship or such but most of you are just cock or snatch obsessed pornhounds! i love sex just like the next guy! but what the fuck ever happened to courtship? yeah a word that apparently died i the 50s? am i the only fucking man on this board not with his hands on his dick all day??? all these women that just wanna slut themselves out? i see their pictures and just think "what a waste". the whole thing is sad. no one has values anymore. no one CARES anymore. sex, impulse, gratification. as i have said many times, ignore me cuz i was born apparently in the wrong era and time. girls i guess just want a bick cock to go with their pink dildo and the men just want a pussy that doesnt meow. fine. maybe i will wake up one day and meet a "hallmark girl". the kind i see on the movies that would like to at lest get to know you and have a drink , before fucking like rabbits. ill just end this with maybe im just a sap and a prude and the fact i just dont get it. i wont mention this anymore. this place is a haven for the depraved and sexually frustrated. wake me up when normalcy, wholesomeness and decency decid to show their faces----------good day

  • @mikeJB said in i have to throw this rant out there now....:

    am i the only fucking man on this board not with his hands on his dick all day???

    Sometimes I also play the Playstation for a bit, or read comic.

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