• i turn to her and say "what do you wanna do today"? and she says "lets hop in the car and just drive and go see the country"

    i dont have to tell her i love her. she just smiles at me and she already knows

    i will take the time to wait while she gets her hair done and then she will wait for me while i go speak to my boss for a half hr

    we cuddle and watch a Hallmark movie and we couldnt be happier

    if she ever decides she doesnt want me anymore , i am fine with that but she will AT LEAST TELL ME

    i am sick with the flu and she took the time to nurse me with soup and stew :)

    her loyalty is cemented and her honesty is unflailing

    when we fight, instead of phony make up sex, we right down what we said wrong to each other the next day and talk about it

    we try to find one thing we DONT LIKE about each other just so the relationship is not "perfect". it makes it more real

    lastly, she is my BEST FRIEND FIRST, LOVER SECOND

    and she hopefully looks like this>

    shenae grimes--actress (Christmas Incorporated).jpg

  • @mikeJB she is really cute and beautiful....
    You have got a real partner bro never ever leave her cause it's not very hard but impossible to find such a partner 😶😶..

  • forgot one more important trait. she has to love God! or at least know him. why? because that love will make her shine even more and show me she has a kind heart and it will also make me a better man being around her !

  • so beautiful!!! specially the part u will wait for her to get her hair done!!