• so......i am here to give away my american flag and denounce my citizenship. i am SO ASHAMED to be in the US these days, you have no idea. i look at a wall st ticker that is up 1300 points while people still are dying. who cares, right! greed owns all, even death! and this man in charge, the most corrupt POS i have ever seen, reigns over us. God help us! and his cronies are even more pathetic. they all bow to him and are scared of him or even question him. not many seem to have an issue. as long as money keeps flowing, who cares who dies! then you have what happened to that Navy captain and how he was treated, the most shameful thing i have ever seen! i hope America NEVER gets another Navy recuit ever again! anyway, FUCK AMERICA! those of you who think this land is so great.....have no idea. corruption and power at its highest level is what we have here. leaves me sickened. take my flag. i dont want it

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