The worst day of loveing someone is the day that you lose them..

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    You know that feeling when you love someone so much that you can't stand the thought that u might lose them at any second? Well it's a fact that loving someone has very bad consequences, the first one is that you feel like u would die without them...and when they pass on you feel like u need to give up on life. Life is beautiful we all know that... but ur loved ones is a big part of your life... When u lose a family member or a loved one... It hurts... like ur already dead but u can't pass on... and sometimes the worst thing is you can't talk to anyone about it... My papa recently passed.. Didn't tell anyone about it because I didn't think pple would really understand why I was so upset... I didn't give up on life tho... When u see ur loved one take their last breath... I know how it feels... when ur hand is touching theirs when they pass...and all you hope is that they are in a better place.. Then u start screaming to the lord "Why did u have to take them from me?!" But it's as if he can't hear because he never responds he never takes you with that loved one. Then you go days with telling people that ur alright but ur actually dying inside... Yes u might be/act happy but doesn't change what u feel deep down inside of your heart... U cry for so long...then u realize crying isn't gonna bring them back to you.

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    @CocoLillian I'll be alright I have you, dennis, and all my other friends that will support. :) thanks for being so kind

  • @Rissa_TheBest I know what you mean about God... he is the author of the world. Sometimes he makes decisions that put us through a lot but he always does it for the best reasons... don’t worry, you will be ok, just know He is with you and so am I. Who knows, you may come out of this being a better person.

    One of my mum’s friends died from cancer a few months ago, I think she was in her thirties. Her daughter had told me she had cancer a while before and she worked at my school... I wish I had got to know her better. Her children are split up with foster families now, please pray for them. Their names are Olivia and Owen.

    I am praying for you, stay strong. The Lord will be with you.

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    @CocoLillian I'll pray for Olivia and Owen, and thanks I understand the whole lord thing a bit well

  • @Rissa_TheBest 🙂 Stay Strong Rissa.

  • @Rissa_TheBest , being kind is what do, just know that you really will be the best at the end of all this.

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    I already feel better that I told someone anyway so I know now that it is possible to recover

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    it's so damn hard
    i love your writings gurl !
    it's so touching!

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    @Sarah-A-R Thanks for liking my writings, it means a lot that some people understand.

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    @DennisJM I know baby, I love you to and thank you for taking the time to say that, I agree with mostly everything you said.

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    sorry if this topic ruined someone's mood or day, i just wanted to let everyone know at the same time.

  • @Rissa_TheBest My heart 💔 u almost made me cry

  • The worst day of loveing someone is the day that you lose them..

    @Rissa_TheBest An Elena Gilbert quote that was further expanded on by Dr Who

    "It’s funny. The day you lose someone isn’t the worst - at least you’ve got something to do. It’s all the days they stay dead."

    Angelina Jolie said about the death of her mother : "You don’t get over the death of your mother — I’m not sure I really want to — but you do get through it."

    I wont sugarcoat and say even after a long time it will not hurt less .... but it will eventually hurt less often.

    In my experience, you don't really do anything special or different to cope, you just do. It's cliche, but you just keep living and putting one foot in front of the other. Everyone says time heals, but it doesn't really. It just makes you forget more often.

    Life can be good again, just in a different way.

    Now coming to your emotional outbursts :

    There is no 'right' technique. Each person does it in their particular way.

    One important thing is self-acceptance. You feel what you feel, at that moment, and it's ok.

    You will feel """unacceptable""" or """unseemly""" emotions at the most random of times.

    Be gentle with yourself about that.

    You are loved, you aren't alone, and (in case you need reminding) it's not your fault. HUG

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    @Venom0156 You want me to hate you? well I am not gonna so stop trying to get me to hate you ok? It's not worth your time, Lmao🙂

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    @Venom0156 Oh cool, Well guess what? I don't hate you😁😂

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    @_ånONyM-OUse oh my... sorry to hear that. But Never give up on love, it's the strongest bond we have as humans. Sorry if I sound Cheesy or whatever. but still.

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    Quick heads up you wrote "loveing" i think you meant "loving"

  • I relate to this a lot. I concur, the worst part of loss is the initial shock.after that you just gotta make it through the ebb and flow as you process and accept the situation... just got to remember your own worth. Eventually there might be someone that won't let themselves lose you. Just make sure you dont lose yourself in the process, and be happy with yourself and who you are.

  • I'd also like to suggest that you try a new hobby. Make it something you've never done before. And dedicate it to your lost loved one. That way every time you practice and grow in that hobby, you can do so in honor of their memory. You can know that as they are watching over you; they will see this new-found passion you developed as a testament to their memory

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