• that made me tremendously angry. at men, at boys, at violence. it was called No One Would Tell. about teen domestic abuse. i watch this movie and i saw my father in that abuser. i remember how he would bruise and batter my mom then plant a kiss on her to make it all better. or in some cases "i didnt do that". ANY abuser of a woman who cannot be rehabilitated SHOULD DIE. you serve society no fucking purpose and you are a danger. i have no fucking remorse for woman abusers. this shit hits hard and it hits home with me. and i can't blame the girl but damn why are you all so naieve!? he smacks you up side the head, embarrasses you in public, but then says he loves you so all is better? are you that desperate for love?! anyway, this strikes a nerve with me and i doubt it will ever go away. men who abuse women are the slime of this earth among other people. i simply could never strike a woman even if i wanted to. saddest part of the movie is that the red flags were all there and her friend even tried to warn her. i dont have to tell you what happened to her in the end

  • @mikeJB I am worried that you are blinded by your own experiences that you fail to see what you are doing. Just to be clear this is not an attack, just some constructive criticism and a general opinion.

    You see, I see A LOT of hatred in you which is ideally reserved for the serious fuck ups like (according to you) your father. And you take this platform to spread the word and make people more aware of the type of evil in the world, a pretence I find not generally wrong. But in response to your various statements:
    Yes women are naive and so are men. Both are so immaculately weak to the greatest extend. But you should not take it that it is their fault. Why do you desire to discuss this topic? Because you have experienced it.
    Marty in Shiloh only tried fighting the cruelties he discovered existed because they happened to fall in his lap, although they were in existence long before he decided to put up a fight.
    Second, you think that the scumbags that riddle the earth to its core are worthless and all those beyond change deserve to die. Well, here I disagree. What they did or will do was and will be and is cruel, but we should learn from their example to be be better. Your hatred however extends to a degree that you (while not apparent) have developed a cruel nature of your own.

    Have you thought that there are many forms of abuse not only physical? I'm sure you have. And do you realize that you in your many post (and who knows where else) are actually in some respect an abuser? Emotional abuser. Verbal abuser. I can't say for certain.

    All I ask is that you vent in a way that doesnt scorch the viewers who look to you.

    And again don't attack me because this is NOT an attack. Have a nice day.

  • @AlbeitDying you just defended abuse from men. "they are also weak". thats your rebuttal? simply pathetic. we should know better! and lashing out at some idiot in a chat forum is far different than doing it face to face. please go away now. you missed the point obviously

  • @mikeJB naiveness, if that is even a word, part is true

  • @mikeJB I don't think I missed the point, I think you missed the picture.
    What did I do in your eyes? Defend the MALE abusers?!
    No! I simply stated that people (and I will say this: female AND male for your benefit) ARE WEAK. they are. And the abusers are weak. The whole goddam universe is weak. And dont be so weak yourself so as to drive away any point that says otherwise.
    Have a productive day.