• WTF is your obsession with kiddie porn on here? some 12 yr old says hi and you come at her in droves with "i love you be my princesss" and you dont even know her and have even seen a pic! then the other times its some indian name asking for kiddie porn trades. is that how you do it in your country? marry girls at 8 yrs old and call them your brides? think you can do the same here? sick fucks! may the Virus claim you all!

  • Hello Mike! It is indeed very pitiful and shameful that some of us Indians have represented ourselves in sour light...I assure you, however, India is a country suffering with a population of 1.2 billion, out of which a couple of thousand people don't, at all, care what becomes of them, and what reputation they might gather in this world. Our country is, quite frankly, filled with all kinds of imaginable horrors, and the policy of child marriage that you mentioned in your post has long since been rescinded and abolished by the Constitution.
    It is indeed a matter of great shame and guilt that a majority of us are not acquainted with Western etiquette and manners, but I assure you, that not all of us are worthy of being called abuse! A good number of Indian people on here are unfortunately too perverted and immature in their approach..But it is not the fault of the nation, is it? :)
    Not all of us are pedophilic, and worthy of being victims of this dreadful virus!
    Good day, to you Mike! I am new here, btw.

  • mikeJB white boy hates Indian plus Muslim, do you know why ?? he got gang raped in India when he came to visit India ,☹️
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  • This fellow blackmailed lot of Kiddies and teenagers here to get in Thier panties and I am really scared he became uncle too god bless Americans like mikeJB


  • (Also no offence to any Hindu sorry 😭😅) and also India is a large country and also all the pervs aren't Indian and that's RACIST (imao)

  • @mikeJB looking at this post I feel like taking names of all people who are perverts and are from your country and I think you would not like it 😑 so better stfu

  • @TheZeightGuy how very....formal and charming😂😂but true tho for sure

  • @mikeJB really? May the virus claim ‘you all’? I’m sorry you had to see so many pervy fucked up indians but it’s honestly stupid af to blame ALL Indian men, not to mention racist.

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  • just a heads up guys, mike is autistic. dont blame him for any stupidity

  • @Xavier really so let him post his certificate from doctor I believe him ..i have MPD ,with fully aware and Conscious Ness about it.. if it is true I seek forgiveness from my heart,🙏. American has lable for all type of human temporary behaviour as deasease. so I do not believe 😊🙏

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