• you are the DUMBEST HUMAN BEINGS ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH. you buy and sell stocks pretty much on gossip and what-ifs, and maybes and a man in Orange who tweets alot and haging on his every word. you buy stocks of companies that are about to go bankrupt. you cheer when the FED steps in to rescue you, but then you whine later about our astronomical debt. you go crazy on the upside when day when there is BAD NEWS and then go negative the day after on GOOD. i hope and pray i am alive to see the day your den of greed hits ZERO. watching wall st burn is on my bucket list. it wont affect me because i already live a very simple, mundane life. greed destroys all it ever touches. may you all get what is coming to you on the wall st floor

  • @mikeJB Yeah the Wall St Investors are definitely roaming around this golden site looking for your wonderful Guidance 😁

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