• i need a serious chat with some of you when you have time.

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    @mikeJB yoo wassup

  • ok. if you are up for it. go to ths site

    that is how i watch my movies. beware you wil run into pop up redirects everytime you click. this is on a LAPTOP not a phone btw. i want you to rip that page code apart and tell me how the fuck it is layed out. i want to know how the timers are set up. so if you go to that page, anything you click will launch a redirect. whats interesting is that have it set up to change over and over that rediect link URL. so you cant even filter it! now you say maybe use AD BLOCK. nope. they thought of that too. it gets detected and no movie will launch if you have it on. the timer thing. so if you click on that page, even the scroller, it launches a redirect. now if you wait 10 sec , you click again and another one launches. eventually i think if you click like 10 times it stops and you dont get redirects anymore. how the hell is that set up????????? i know nothing about web code shit. i do know that what they are using is prob called an OVERLAY. i just wanna know how this page is coded. if you ask me, it is some of the most leet code for a web page out there man. they have thought of EVERYTHING for you trying to watch a free movie. one more example. so you can usually bypass having to mouse click () by tabbing your way through the page. ahhhh, but they block that, too. you can tab but the minute you gain focus to the video player window and space bar it to run the movie, they give you a black screen, like an overlay on top of the movie you cant see underneath it. they FORCE you to have to mouse click() that damn window. then of course more redirects. i have tried everythign to bypass this shit. like i said. russian elite coding man. its hardcore. i can deal with the rediects. basicaly if you are fast you can close them out real fast. but still can anyone rip this source code and figure this shit out for me?

    btw James sorry i was an ass. i actually felt bad when you left because i seriously thought you were off to kill yourself. you said "fk this ive had enough". and i realized those few days after not seeing you how guilty i would feel if somethign i said to someone in a chat would make them harm themselves. it made me realize words still hurt. and the fact i depise bullies and was bullied my whole life....i wondered how did i become the one thign i truly despise. makes one think. ok sorry for that psycotherapy moment. i still say there are some people on this chat server that DO need help, however!

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    Okay, I am a HTML coder, but this is a bit simple I believe. AdBlock Plus will work, just click on the extension (you're using chrome; im assuming) and do block element when they're popups; and you said AdBlock wont work; well it's a 50/50 that you can block the element of it saying turn off AdBlock. I can try looking into the HTML; but popups are a bit; hard to overcome? if you want you can message me and I will talk to you about it while I look.

  • @M0RTALITY i am more interest in the timers on those popus. what are they set to and how do you detect that in the src? also how do you bypass overlays?

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    @mikeJB the popups happen whenever you click something, you exit out of the popup and click again it should in theory work after that. if not, i would personally not use the site because it's sketchy and it seems they are monetizing it pretty hard. i could recommend sites but i'd rather not get banned lmao-

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