serious fitness question!

  • so who all here works out? and i dont mean awnold muscles or anything. just running/cycling/etc? i made it a PROMISE to myself i would be more fir this year! just start my baby steps with a 10 min walk i feel good! i am doign this because i am ashamed at my damn body and how i have let it go to pot! i walked up my 3 flights of stairs last week with a bag of groceries and my damn heart was coming out of my chest and my lungs were on fire like i had ran a mile! i said never again! my heart echo came back great as did lung tests. this is JUST ME BEING OUT SHAPE! and i wanna be that person who can RUN up my damn stairs let alone walk up them again and feel fine! my question is how should i start? dont have abike it was stolen. just start walking then increase the distance? was gonna start attacking those same stairs soon but gradually. is this a good fitness plan for cardio?

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