• LurkersForLife

    You were so cruel, you never cared, you made me hurt, I can't wait for the day you need my help.. and I get to smile just walk away .the scars I can't reverse. When I think they've healed.. all of a sudden they start hurting again.. Because it's all gone. It all fell down. But just you wait, I'll get u back🤭😈 You'll never even notice till it already happened. can't wait to see the look in your eyes when you finally see that I got you.. the pain in ur eyes, then I'll just leave.. out of your life, I'll just be gone to you, you've moved on but you still think it's funny that you've done this to me. haha. I'll be the one smiling soon, you will feel what I felt. but now you understand that I did give you another chance and you did it again and I thought you were with her because you loved her but I know what you've done.. I'm sorta happy, maybe a bit twisted but I'm happy and you put me down a very long path but it's all worth it now sense... I can now see you for who you truly are, the last memory I have of you was hell. and when we meet again.. I'll look at you and then walk away so not really a meet just a meet for me cuz when I look at you.. I'll be able to say.. "you look so sad..if only I cared enough to help you" some people might think this is fucked up but it's really not. I'm just writing this while thinking so these are my true thoughts.. you all can finally see who I truly am.. hehe.