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    Over the last five decades, internet use has boomed worldwide. People from across the globe get to be on a single platform, at the same time. It is exciting, yet unnerving. Even just a century ago, this would be considered either sorcery or divination. But today you and I have this magnificent power at our fingertips. But how does this power impact our minds? I was going through this paper (ref below) recently that discussed mental health and internet use and wanted to discuss with it you all. Let me know your thoughts. :)

    (Mars B, Gunnell D, Biddle L, Kidger J, Moran P, et al. (2020) Prospective associations between internet use and poor mental health: A population-based study. PLOS ONE 15(7): e0235889. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0235889)

  • @Fana it makes me happier because I always wanted to get connected with people and find people with alike thoughts . For some reason I couldn't do it in real life but because of internet I am able to do it in this digital virtual platform

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    @Ash That is quite nice to hear. I am pretty grateful for this aspect of the internet too. Often, my interactions with people around me tend to either be heavily influenced by the social structure or my educational qualification, to maintain an elusive standard of sorts, it seems. But on the internet, I can be as goofy as I want and not care about facades or pretense. There is definitely some sort of freedom in that.

  • @Fana yes we can be as goofy as we want also I got no good friends offline so internet allowed me to get good online friends and now I can share my feelings and thoughts with them which makes my day better. also it allows to get advices and thoughts from people all over the world so it's freedom + varied worldwide thoughts + an opportunity to find good friends.

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    @Rajeev2021 It's really nice to hear your journey with the internet. I suppose I understand what you mean by the change in your perspective over time.
    I guess, the argument is always the same across eons for something like this. Can a "tool" really be good or bad? Guns protect but also kill. Dynamite is a weapon of mass destruction but also the tool that lets us create tunnels in mountains. AI is transforming all professions but also risking an unprecedented loss of jobs. I guess everything has a flip side. What is it, then, that decides whether something is used for good or evil? Is it dependent on human perception of good and bad? But what if the perception is warped? for example, when a thing that is good for one man may be evil for another. Who decides which man's preference must be followed?

  • @Fana it makes me sad😞

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  • @Fana I would say it is totally based on how we use internet. As you said you got the world at your fingertips which is really great we got almost everything using internet from information, knowledge, online shopping, movies, almost everything thing human needs except final rites.
    Bit it is also truth that internet distracted us from from nature. We no more interact with outside world as how we should be. We got no imagination skills bcz we dont read books anymore. Everything has its own pros and cons so does internet.
    Its very good thing but we need to control on ourself how much we should use it.
    Everything in particular limit is always good and beneficial.

  • I can answer that question this way. I have seen many things on the internet over the years bitter seared into my brain for life lots of them coming crime shows and stories. And I can honestly say there are things I have seen on the internet I wish I never ever saw because they will never go away in my mind

  • @Fana Both depending on what I am watch.Like if it's a cute animals video it makes me happy whereas if it's a animal cruelty,it makes me sad 🙁

  • I really enjoy the internet! Old enough to remember the Dewey systems in libraries. What a difference accessing information is now. Not to mention connecting with people you never could with before. Tremendous difference! We are so fortunate to have it!!

  • @Wonder said in Does the internet make you sadder or happier?:

    Old enough to remember the Dewey systems in libraries. What a difference accessing information is now

    or microfiche or using encyclopedias!

  • @Fana For me, for the most part the internet makes me happier. It is a great and "cheap" source of entertainment. Just can't let it consume your life. It is still better to go outside and experience life rather than experiencing it online.