• a message to GOOGLE:

    thank you for ruining every damn thing you touch. you took YT, somethign i loved, and have destroyed it. with endless ads no one cares about, your constant waste of time tracking down copyright infringment on some fkn show hardly anyone even watched from the 60s, your filling the damn YT page ful of 900 different scripts and buttons and attention getters. you did this to google hangout and everything else. why couldnt you just fkn stay a search engine or even a browser! you became like everything else, a monopoly, which them means you become a monstrosity. one day the best damn thing for me might to finally bid this thing they call the net a goodbye. and i prob wont even miss it. it is a giant billboard sitting in a swamp now

  • I hate men that lie... act as if they have their shit together... make a promise and because you believe them... your life gets screwed up in the mix

  • Yes, I really need to vent about Bullshit!!! Why in the Fuck do I continue to put up with Bullshit. Sick of my husband and his bullshit...keeps getting caught fucking around, but all the damn time..its im sorry...and I accept his bullshit each time

  • hmu if u need a chat

  • how long ye together? prob better to throw me a follow so can message

  • @DC-Jones best and hardest thing to do is just leave him so you have no more bs

  • I love him!! and I believes he LOVES me... I just hate that I care so much in spite of his fucked up actions!!!

  • He is just so convincing!!! and it is always.... I am sorry... I promise... I got it this time... Has a fucked up childhood.

  • And sometimes... I feel sorry for him.... A person that just does not know how to love

  • I know I deserve Better..... Time wasted... don't want to start over

  • It’s rather simple u let him get away with it without doing anything changing if you must countinue to be a door mat u should assert ur self as the dominant partner punishment goes a long way it might even be what saves ur marriage personally a zebra can’t change its stripes whip him in shape or kick him out

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