• i get edgy about alot of things in the world around me. i find it moves way too fast and we are a spoiled USA where we have so much damn variety and yet we STILL bitch! my issue this time I HATE FUCKING ADS/COMMERCIALS! i have lived a decent amount of time on earth and i can honestly say i have NEVER after seeing a commercial wanted to run out and buy the product they showed. why can you not just describe the product and be done with it? why do we a million dollar epic movie about cookies or crackers or diapers or whatever! this fkn country wastes so damn much money on the dumbest shit! just tell me you have crackers available and leave it at that. like Motel 6 , a simple "we'll leave the light on for ya" will do. it just goes back to endless greed and consumerism and all of it. why do we have this constant neeed to always make everything a billboard? it gets worse each decade with this crap. go watch old commercials or just the way people did things back 50 yrs ago. then just watch each time after more and more "loud" we get with everything. overkill with materialism. not enough variety. im so ready to give up alot of time. but my sanctuary are the stars in my night sky. you will NEVER take those away! i have the animals and nature. keep your fkn neon lights and big boards. shove them in my face but i still aint buyin! i am a human. not a commodity. no matter how hard you try. thankyou

  • HOLY MOTHER OF ALL FUCKS! I am right there with you! This is the hill I will die on. I'll write a much more detailed response once I get the chance later tonight, but I am so rejoiced that you posted this. #respect

  • OK Mike, I'm back to give you my detailed response. Brace yourself...

    I'm with you, as I get older its really starting to feel like the world is moving faster than I can process it all. I try my best to stay up to date with current events, but at the rate things are going on its difficult to fully understand one event before the next one breaks and dominates the news media.

    Now for the topic at hand, Commercial Advertising and Advertising Practices.
    I again am right there with you.

    1, I don't like being constantly bombarded with ads in my day to day life. Here in LA everywhere you look they're trying to sell you something. On my drive to and from work I'll see ads on the sides of entire buildings, Billboards, Bus stops, on the sides of buses themselves, and even on other cars that get wrapped in a ad campaign. I've never actively or passively bought something because of an advertising with the exception being film.

    1. It bothers me as a registered nurse that pharmaceutical companies are allowed to advertise here in the states. If im not mistaken the USA and New Zealand are the only countries that allow drug companies to advertise. How many times do I have to see an ad telling me to - talk to my doctor if i have "insert symptom or disease here" because "insert name of drug here" may be right for me. Side effects may include. . . and the announcers shifts into 5th gear and speed reading through a list of potential side effects that are sometimes worse than the symptom or disease they are supposed to treat.

    2. Online advertising. This is something I've noticed has gotten really REEEEEALLLLY out of hand in recent years. Online ads went from some random product or service at the top or side of a website and transformed into an invasive targeted advertising juggernaut that has become industry standard by making no qualms about tracking your movements online, the sites you visit, the things you search for, it tracks you with each click relaying information back to each site you clicked along the way, which is then used with 3rd party data obtained from sites like facebook, twitter, and google that are selling our data "anonymously" that gets plugged into an algorithm and spat back out at in the form of targeted advertisements for "Lucky Charms Cereal" appearing on unrelated websites and apps that I use after I did a search for "Lucky Charms Cereal" Like why the fuck do I need to be tracked that extensively? so they can advertise something I was going to buy anyway? or to suggest related products that i could not give a shit about.

    I feel like privacy is obsolete in this new age of advertising. I don't like it one bit.

    And also, your right in this country we have so so so so so so much variety and people still complain about everything.
    I can't tell you how many times I over hear people complain about everything.

    Theres nothing to watch, Netflix sucks, Hulu sucks, Youtube Sucks, HBOnow Sucks, Amazon Video sucks, disney plus sucks. it's like there is so much content out there. theres too much tv. some places ive been to have 7 tv stations. thats it. The nerve to complain when you have thousands of option. We live in an age where if you know where to look, everything you could ever want to watch is available for on the internet for free. We're ungrateful and it bums me the fuck out sometimes.

    Sometimes I just like to go up to the mountains alone late at night, I'll put the windows all down, sunroof open, and listen to music while driving on this remote fire access road at the very top of the mountain ridge. It's 21 miles of switch backs that offers great views of the cities below all the way to the pacific. And a chandelier of starts above me. Thats where I go to escape.

    hope you read this all lol

  • i doubt this will get many replies . the kids wont get it, they will just think we are bitching about bitching. anyway. i am a child of the 80s and i have been listening to all these old top 40 countdowns reliving my childhood and loving it. but also making me remember 10 channels on the tv and BEING HAPPY WITH THAT. and the not as much variety as there is now. i love keepign life simple. not to the point of being minimalistic, but just appreciating what i DO have, not what i WISH i had. i still use an mp3 player i got 15 yrs ago as a gift. why? because it works and is not broke! imagine that. maybe i never understood the world. the greatest show ever made, the Twilight Zone from the 60s describes my life in an episode perfectly. it is called A Stop At Willoughby. anyway, i should accept already that things will only get worse, and also faster. the billboards will get bigger and the greed grander. i keep my world simple like having your own litle sandbox and the world is a playground. you just maintain your own little space. one day i would like to find a girl that also wants to share my sandbox space. that's another story. i will just keep reliving a simpler time each chance i get and take lessons from then to get through now

    btw, your reply is alot better than mine !

  • @mikeJB You know Mike, and thats a big reason why i don't really vocalize my grievances online is because i feel most chalk it up to bitching about bitching, but you took a stand and I wasn't gonna let you stand alone. I was born in 87 so like you I got to grow up with top 40s till i discovered alternative music, but either way I grew up in the 90s and i remember that in the summer, tv sucked, tv shows would take the summer off and it would be reruns. the only shows on that were new was the news and sports. I also remember after the 10 o clock news is was infomercials till the sun came up. I remember watching Poltergeist for the first time and asking my Dad about the scene where the tv is on and it's playing the national anthem right before it cuts into white noise. I was like, what was that? and he told me that back in the day tv stations would end their broadcast and resume the following day and when they signed off their channel was just white noise.

    Also I know this episode well. A Stop At Willoughby, such a good episode. When the its revealed that Willoughby and sons is a funeral home. . . bam the title makes all the sense.

    i crave the simple life too

    btw, you invited the rant lol i just ran with it