• I had met my now ex 4 years ago, and we had a pretty good relationship. We dated all through college and had the time of our lives, but then came when we graduated. We lived two hours away from each other which shouldn’t be a problem but I guess it was for her. We struggled with fights and arguments all the way till October, where she had an emotional affair with some guy from her work. Naturally she apologized and reluctantly I gave her a second chance. Things seemed to go well until at the end of December she started talking to the guy again, I didn’t find out but a few weeks ago but I demanded that she shouldn’t be talking to him and she needs to block him, she got all upset and said that she doesn’t want anything with the guy so it shouldn’t matter, but she also reluctantly agreed and blocked him on snap and deleted his number. Come yesterday she started following him on Instagram, I felt betrayed and cheated on yet again, I told her she needs to block him and she refused saying that he’s just a number on her IG. I broke up with her that moment, but still want closure from her, I still want to check up on her but she’s just a terrible person feeing no remorse for what she’s done seeing it as nothing, it even took her till mid December to even admit what happened in October was cheating. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated

  • Sometimes, closure will come to you when you didn't find or ask for it anymore. Someday, you will feel the warm of your heart and your face will be filled with your smile again. On that day, you will start to realize how grateful you were for not thinking of that someone again, you will just laugh at your foolish acts before and everything will fall into its places. Time heals all wounds! Cheer up :)

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