• For someone who has not experienced any relationship scene, preparing for a date can be both trembling and nerve-wrecking. And this is very fitting to me. I met a girl at school, a sophomore actually. A girl who just transferred from other school. Our first meeting was something I will always treasure; she was dazzling when she auditioned for the cheerleading club of our university. She enticed me with her sweet smile and charming personality. She is also very friendly and welcoming! While thinking that she might be the person I’ll love, I asked her for a date. Fortunately, she said “Yes”. And that’s when I realized I don’t have any experience in dating. The suggestions given to this foreign bride social about the proper manners in a date seems to be helpful but quite difficult. I just want the simple ideas that I need to follow for our upcoming date. I need your help here. I hope I get a response. Thanks!

  • Hi Mr Radiant ( As I dont know your real name )
    I am not perfect in replying your question...but trying to
    help you at my best... I think all girls want Real man so be real and Be true to your self...Following are the ways you can convince her..

    1. Tell her that she is perfect in her own way.
      2 You like everything belongs to Her.
      3 You have time for her you smile when you got her mess and when your phn lights up in night.
      4 You feel special when she talks to you.
      5 She is not one of the girl in your friend circle she is the only one you want in your life.

    There are so many reasons you want her in your life the list goes on but make her to feel that you love her deeply not her body you love her soul...Every girl wants that kind of man who love her for what she is not pretending anything..

    All the best for your date enjoy hope she wll say 👍 yes...


  • and ofcourse dont forget to kiss her on forehead it shows that you care...

  • @radiant1978 There are many things you can do for the first date, you can either bring her for a movie date or go together watch her favorite live band. You can also go for a tradional dinner date where you can arrange a restaurant for a candle-light dinner where someone is playing her favorite song on the background. And lastly don't forget to give her flowers. I'm sure her heart will melt for you.

  • @me-before-you I think you have some point of your advice and its very much appreciated.Thanks!

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    👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️I know only one date the court date👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️ 😁😁😁

  • Wear a nice tuxedo or suit :)
    Take her to a nice, authentic restaurant she likes.
    Tell her everything you like about her,
    Make her feel comfortable by taking it sloowwww
    Pay for her food and jewelry she buys,
    Smile, and yes, smile a lot. Or she might think you’re not interested.
    And yeah, idk anything else.

  • @radiant1978 just be yourself, don't lie to her just to impress her

  • @devotedguy35 welcome :)