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  • If Love is painful you may be doing it wrong. Maybe you should roll over or trade your black boyfriend for a white guy. If you speak of the heartfelt pain of love lost, which is very real, I think it's because of what pain is. Pain is our bodies reaction to being hurt. We can't be expected to monitor every portion of our bodies thru visual inspection every second of every day so nature provides us an alert system to make us aware of where to look. The hurt love causes is nature's way of contending with a missing ingredient that makes us whole. There is a hole in my heart that can only be filled by you is symbolic in words but the hole will literally cause pain when the body senses something missing. We are made aware of the positioning of the pain but it remains invisible to our eyes and without some physical reference our minds can't grasp the remedy to seek. We simply know, in the past, the hurt was not there and we try to retrace our steps to find that missing piece with all the conflicting feelings of cause and effect. Somewhere in the past is both the cause of and remedy for the pain we feel. Do we take the remedy of returning to a place we were for a moment without pain or endure the pain while seeking a more long lasting remedy.
    It's true if we keep our hearts pure and without spaces to be filled we will never know the pain of those spaces being empty but our hearts would be no more than a pump you could buy at the right hardware store. The more we let into our hearts the more chance we have to allow the pain to exist.

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    Love is painful... 🙄🙄.never heard that before. Just a side thought.. Is one sided love that bad?? A perspective to look at it would be that the entire feeling of LOVE is all urs.. U don't wanna get anyone else to butt in their thoughts on ur feelings. Do consider that friends.. N don't trap the word love in the four walls ...its large.. Beyond the sky. Do remember ur parents love ya too....

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    Because the entire point is to put yourself out there and that's scary! People are also fickle and entire relationships can go up in smoke overnight! The only saving grace is that there is an endless supply of love if you look in the right places!

  • Love is painful isn't it?? Until you find the right person

  • @Shine because you can't have light without darkness, everything has it's polar opposite so without the gut wrenching heart stomping lows we wouldn't have the transcendental uplifting highs. That's no comfort when you have a broken heart though. I know that, mine has been broken for the first time in 17 years and the worst in 27 years. It's fucking horrible daily. Luckily I'm better equipped to deal with it now. I just keep busy, distract myself, basically I'm hiding from my feelings until they pass.

  • Damn, this one is deep

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    @Shine love is only painful if it is “blind love”. True love is never painful cuz the feeling of love will always overpower any kind of pain u receive from ur significant other, whether emotional or physical. Blind love is almost certain to feel painful cuz u chose to love someone u didn’t know well enough, so u end up learning about them the hard way…

  • How much time did it take u type it?

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    Love is not suppose to be painful, people just f*** with each others emotions.

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