• I'm new to this...never done a chat room before. I will admit from the beginning I've had a drink..but honestly thats when I can tell my truths? 馃し I have others I'm close to but am tired of bombarding them w my bullshit. I write it out in a journal but it feels more like I need the human interaction( criticism, empathy, acknowledgment) without it being personal for the person reading. And yes I do see a therapist every week n psychologist...but the same w them...im not always comfortable w that n like the idea of anonymity. Wouldnt even know exactly where to start....it seems like its just been 1 shit show after another n then they just accumulate to the point u ask me flat out "what is bothering u right this minute" n I honestly dont know 馃し thought id give this a try

  • Well. . . Be free and let it out. . . :D

  • Vent away, we all need to.

  • being raped is no joke, you have a right to be angry and to let it out of your system, never let anyone downplay it or your feelings about anything.

  • you need to let it out, not sure if this is the place, I am sure many will downplay it, ignore them, never keep your pain in, you will burst at some point, better to let it out, it will never go away, but not holding it in helps.

  • @Scottish I hope uve found some solace n wish to do the same! 馃憣

  • @Noneyo-B u can vent to me it鈥檚 good to not keep bad emotions bottled up...or any for that matter

  • @Noneyo-B crack on, you're in good company, get shit off your chest 馃槉

  • Well good cuz I fuckin hate jogging! 馃槀 n well...at this very moment....i finished my four loko(dont judge me it hits harder n faster than a mikes!馃し馃槀)

  • At the moment....pissed....the few I have to talk to r always busy....i get w work for 1...but hes got plenty of time to play video games n when I mention like the exact thing that is upsetting me(among others) (example getting raped by 2 fuckers a few yrs ago...n its just I'm so sorry but u will make it out okay u just gotta "believe u can overcome it) ..but won't bring it up ever the initial confession?) n ok I know he cant fix me! But its just blown over....after that initial blow off...im the kind of person that'll just shut down n put on the happy face...to make sure everyone else isnt uncomfortable while I stay awake til 4am thinking of that n other crap....its just gotten to the point I drink every night just to go to sleep without the replays of my bs playing in my head 馃槕 honestly i forgot the direction of this message 馃槼馃槀...n also...i am very much the 1 to laugh or make jokes about the things that have happened...so I hope no one thinks I'm bullshitting...i would like the help but thats just how it comes out 馃し馃槵

  • Yea I know...its just....im stuck w this shit...n ive been to plenty of therapists....they try to help n talk shit out...but idk its not worked in the 3 yrs ive been trying(for the current trauma) it comes to a point I'm not even trying to "work thru that situation"...im just tired of the bs n honesty feels easier to keep to myself...ive been keeping a "journal" on my phone the past 2 days...the situations n how they played out...idk if this is the place to post them..
    It feels more of the need to get it out...than for some action to happen because of it?

  • @Noneyo-B just do whatever helps, scream, rant, cry, doesn't matter what as long as it helps you through that moment. I imagine there's no coming back from that mentally, it's just gonna be a long slow process of attempting to recover. I have no words to help but i too have had all the therapy and it didn't help me either. Mine was for a childhood full of violence and abuse. I feel you

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