• I'm that person whose always bored all the time. So do you have any idea on particular topics i can google? One that you think worth reading. Thanks in advance!

  • You could try downloading ebooks and reading them.
    You can get them for free and reading might actually help you with a lot of things.
    Try reading the book series instead of individual books, or stick to a author and read everything he has written.
    Its totally educating and worth the time.

  • Eckhart Tolle ''The power of now'' is a book i really enjoyed.

    Google+ ( Poets the original) or (Poets dream) to write you mind and be creative.

    Get Into someone deeply, Make a friend who's worthy of trust life is always just life true company would help.

    I assumed that you are hardly impressed...

    Eckart Tolle's now as 2 million F.B. followers not bad for a person who speaks about life ''but I'm not one''

    Game of thrones if its not done yet. 6 seasons its captivating.

    Breaking Bad.

    Funimation.com if you wanna try Japs Toons. its affordable, very...

    Online shopping? try ''(ioffer)'' don't tell anyone you have all the big big brand there for 1/10 of the price...China tough pfff... who cares.
    Fill the cart for fun. You can trust sellers!

    Learn a Latin language or choose an other (DUOLINGO) is a free app...Then plan a trip...Your style.

    Eat new stuff..Make it yourself...Get better at it...Impress others with it.

    Stay away from Tobacco..weed...
    At the end of the day its a lost.

    Exercise, even if its minor. Some way to do are more fun and effective too. ''YOGA''


    chosenxxfew@gmail is my ID but hey... d: P

    See it took around 20 minutes to spit this out...Well spend as it went fast.

  • @Lucifer_ thanks for your suggestion. I'm actually reading a book currently (actual book). i'm not into ebooks at all. Just wanted to read some interesting articles on the internet

  • @roronoazoro ayyee! Read The Power of Now once, haven't finished it yet...
    I heard about Poets dream, is that a good place to thrive my poems?
    Currently watching GOT season 7. Better than season 6 i must say :b
    The thing about exercise though, you do Yoga???
    Thanks for all the suggestions, it helps!

  • @roronoazoro wow..thanks maan

  • Learn stuff about space, its cool, and also read "r/nosleep" or "r/writingprompts" !

  • @greentealover

    Hmm So yes, Poets dream is a very nice community.
    The members are very kind. People from many different walk of life with a passion for drawing, painting and poetry. It Doesn't take too long to develop friendship with members as they will make you feel like you are part of the team right away. Usually in commenting nicely to new member's posts.
    Google+ create a profile if you don't have one and...
    A ton of community to be part of.

    About Yoga, It is mistaken for exercise mostly in the western world..
    You cannot do Yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you ''where'' you are resisting your natural state.
    Its pure enlightenment to know your self or the ''self in you''.

    Life is above all tough made so simple.
    It is immense and ever greater than words...


    If you’re not careful you’ll end up believing this is the world.

    Take good care.