• Ki-woo: Dad?

    Ki-taek: Yeah?

    Ki-woo: What was your plan?

    Ki-taek: What are you talking about?

    Ki-woo: Before you said you had a plan. What will you do about the basement?

    Ki-taek: Ki-woo, you know what kind of plan never fails?
    No plan at all. No plan. You know why? If you make a plan, life never works out that way. Look around us, did these people think 'Let's all spend the night in a gym?' But look now, everyone's sleeping on the floor, us included. That's why people shouldn't make plans. With no plan, nothing can go wrong and if something spins out of control, it doesn't matter. Whether you kill someone or betray your country. None of it f*cking matters. Got it?

    Ki-woo: Dad, I'm sorry.

    Ki-taek: For what?

    Ki-woo: Everything.