• The Beginning.

    • i: Your spat out into this cold harsh reality, not knowing a single solitary thing.

    • ii: Your spat out into this cold harsh reality, not knowing a single solitary thing.

    The Early Years.

    • i: Your within a harsh environment, there is love.... but few and far between. Your peers are hyperactive, it rub's off... things start to slide, but you don't know enough to realize.

    • ii: Everywhere around is this blinding love, care and consideration. This becomes a founding value without effort. It embeds on your soul. You get on well with your peers, but there is that one, the only one that seems to live to be harsh. You don't even know how to understand as to why.

    The Maturing.

    • i: After the years of solitude you start to numb yourself to the ways of the world, for you know already that there's only one you can trust. You've been let down, disappointed and lied to all along the way. The inner light starts to fade.

    • ii: Things are going well. You're already starting to think of the future and how it may pan out for you. Aim's, goals and dreams start to become reality. The support from those around gives you strength to succeed where maybe others would fail. The glow inside becomes warmer and become effervescent.

    The Midway.

    • i: Many times you try to consider why things have ended up this way. Relationships have come and gone. You question this thing other's refer to... this Trust. You become more addicted than ever. You no longer sliding, but slipping.... fast.

    • ii: Goals and achievements have been reached. Things are steady, you have those little ones running around. You rarely speak of how far you've come, of how things have gone. You have no need to.

    The Latter Years.

    • i: You've become solitary once again. Bitter to everything and everyone around. After all this time you have gained the knowledge as to why it has gone this way. You feel comfortable as to the realizations concerning your current location. Addictions fade. That light reforms. You find yourself.

    • ii: With no sign what-so-ever things change. Realization that maybe you chose the wrong road, that those around are not as they once were. There is no understanding because you were so blind to the way change was coming. Blame goes to everyone around as opposed to the person you see every morning in the mirror. There is no understanding.

    The Final Stretch.

    • i: With the comfort you found things have moved forward. You go out, you meet people, friendly people. The light inside becomes brighter with every breath.

    • ii: Bitterness sets in, perceptions of old vanish without regard for circumstance. Those around drift further and further. You cannot except it was you. For the first time you feel solitude.

    The End.

    • i: With life experience, knowledge and understanding you die .... safe that you did what you could.

    • ii: Single and solitary, bitter and twisted you pass with no idea why things turned out the way they did.

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    I like this

  • @DayShifter Enjoy our life stage. We born, we lived, we extinct. To find out our purpose in life, we need to look within ourselves. We have the chance to decide what to do with our life on the basis on our values, needs, and preferences. Make the best decisions for our life so we won't be sorry when it all come to an end. May the creator guide us all.

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    @kaia_ heey can i just say i completly agree with everything ur saying follow me so we can talk more about it maybe

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