• ABOOBS Banned

    It's started all by getting in.
    Getting in something, i've not expected.
    It was so small, but it took me while,
    to understand what an impact it had on me.
    It's not about what you see, but in the way you see it. It's like a piece of paper. Take it and do what you want with it. It is, what you make it. It's something, that you can change, like you can change the way the paper looks. Every fold I put in the paper and every cut in it, has a meaning I will never forget. This piece of paper is very important for me, because it's something I would never like to lose. But really it's not about the paper, it's about you. You and only you, can make this paper something special. There are people, who give up on it, but really it's only the start for it. Once you are in, there is no way out!

  • @michaelele I agree