• Wednesdays.

    The day I take a deep breathe, especially after the long Tuesday classes that I have. It is important to unwind -- take care of your mind, body, and soul. πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

    Today I'll take a nice stroll with my dog and grab him a puppucinno, throw in a sweaty hip-hop HIT workout, whip up something foodgasmic, and maybe even bake or finish up an art piece. Whatever it is, making time for yourself should be a priority.

    What is your favotite hobby or "me" time activity to help you distress?

    [Not that I need to prove I am real, πŸ˜‚ , BUT yes... the pictures are 100% meeeeee. See...I actually move and breathe. Tsk tsk.]

    Have a nice day!!! ✌

  • @Rei_90 i dont have hobbies anymore. I work work work.
    In my free time i watch movies. Workout a lik bit and walk.

  • @Rei_90 I work from home now (thanks Covid) and play video games ... and chat with friends online :)

  • @Sassygirl I loooove video games!!! PC or Console?

  • @Rei_90 PC only. I don't own any consoles

  • @Sassygirl What is your top 3 games right now? Any that you recommend? I play both, PC and PS4.

  • @Rei_90 well I really only play World of Warcraft xD and Diablo 3 when new seasons come out. Then I play random steam games with friends sometimes.

  • @Rei_90 You DO so much! I still don't know how you find the time, especially with everything else you do in your days! It's amazing! I'll do different things at different times, or seasons. I like to do origami (was an instructor, taught kids), I do guitar repairs, and customization (but that's more job/income, still fun tho), and I work a lot on various digital audio projects, especially audio restoration. And repairs. I was a born repair-man. Always fixing something :grinning_face:

    Also, I keep showing up here, at TWS. For the good people, good conversation, great social outlet! :smiling_face::+1:

  • @Rei_90 Of course, music is essential. For mind, body, spirit. :om:

  • @Lazz uhhh, you sound busy yourself with all those hidden talents. I always admire people who are good with their hands, like fixing stuff and creating. I do live a busy life and I like it that way. Remember.... I can be hyper so I need an outlet or else I will go bizzerksss! Anyways.... I'm about to post what I am baking after I take it out of the oven. <3

  • @Rei_90 Thanks! Will be waiting to see what's baking today! You be hyper, I'll be the hypeman :peace:

  • @Rei_90 What are your favorite games. I'm playing fallout new vegas and knights of the old republic on PC. I'm a big RPG lover. OH and open world. I like doing whatever the heck i want.