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    What do you like about yourself? And I'm not talking about coming from someone else's mouth, I'm talking about coming from your own. What are the things you love about yourself? or even hate least like about yourself? What are the things you would like to improve yourself or change?

  • Couple of things I like about myself are :

    1 I focused most of the time in career rather than finding girls.

    2 I'm very frank in nature

    3 I like to live a life in my own style

    4 I talk to myself a lot. It calms me .

    5 I don't smoke. In fact, I have never tried it.

    6 Being MSD fan(Indian cricketer)

    things I hate about myself are

    1 overthinking

    2 After getting motivated for some task , my energy level goes down as soon as the time passes

    3 It’s always hard for me to deny or say ‘NO’ to anyone for anything.

    4 I never attend in marriage ceremonies, cultural function etc

    things to improve in myself

    1 Laziness

    2 TWS is addictive. My addiction needs to be controlled.

    3 Unable to say No to others.

    4 I plan to read a lot of books but I don’t.

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    Things i like about myself :
    I'm kinda street-smart.
    I have a good heart.
    I can flirt well.
    I can roast well.
    Im brutally honest.

    Things I dislike about myself:
    I cant take pictures of me.
    I can be rude at times..but never angry.
    Somewhere inside me lies a troller.
    I hate to apologize.
    Im brutally honest.

  • @im-a-bae

    Don't really like to talk about what i like in me, I wouldn't know exacly what to say tbh my self-esteem wasn't always the best so yeah.
    Things i would like to change tho... there are some: Less of an introvert, get more control over my feelings, be less jealous... overall being less of the emotional mess i am, i'm sure ppl that got to know me, understand what i mean! :relieved: :see_no_evil:

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    @im-a-bae said in Loving Yourself/Hating Yourself:

    What do you like about yourself?

    Im not stupid. So thats a plus.

    What are the things you l hate least like about yourself?

    Im emotional and really sensitive. It doesnt really mix well with the fact Im heavily opinionated and one disagreement sets me off ugh

    What are the things you would like to improve yourself or change?

    I would like to become a turtle
    If at all possible

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    @jeff9998 said in Loving Yourself/Hating Yourself:

    @im-a-bae I love myself

    do you fap to mirrors too?

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    i really like my hairrr tbh hair flick
    i don't like my big feet thooo XD

  • I love that my heart is open and I don't judge anyone. My weakness I shut people out, I never let anyone get close to me and I have a hard time showing affection. I come off as very cold mostly bc im quiet. I'm trying to work on showing people I care about them without being terrified that I will be stabbed in the back.

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    Things I Like about me..

    1. No vices
    2. Independent
    3. Confident sometimes overflowing
    4. My eyes and lips (physical attributes)
    5. Bubbly and BELAtiful

    Things I Don't like about me..

    1. I can't refuse or deny a favor especially when I feel its for positivity.
    2. Stubborn
    3. Extravagant,I dunno anymore what is just a want,and a need..
    4. Lazy on housechores
    5. Kinda possessive

  • @im-a-bae I love myself

  • @willow no!, no homo, but i love myself

  • @im-a-bae

    What are the things you love about yourself?

    1. I am a stright forward and bluntly hooman
    2. I openly admitted i am in love with Judith
    3. I can control myself even in the hardest situation
    4. I am ambivert (extrovert and introvert)
    5. I am a rational and a logical hooman

    What are the things you would like to improve yourself or change?

    1. To be more sensitive hooman
    2. To be understand people more than myself
    3. To stop being stubborn about my own opinion
    4. To be a good leader in the future
    5. To have a willingnes to learn Chinese, Japanese and Français 😂

  • Hmm.. That's a nice topic. Those questions make me think alot. I've asked that questions alot before but my answers always changing. Lol. Well, we change thats why. 😊

    What I like about me now is that I am trying to be honest and speak my mind but also being selective of my words too. I don't want to hurt others feelings but sometimes I slip. Lol. Another thing, I have initiative 😂 I'm being too full of myself 😂

    Things I want to improve myself would be more hardworking. Lol. I am kind of lazy these past few months. I procrastinate too. Aahhhh... I spend alot too.. I should save up more. 😂

  • In real life, What other say
    Good Point

    • Few say, I am nice.
    • Few say, I am too innocent.
    • Few say, Ihave got great mind.
      Bad Point
    • Few Say, I am boring.
    • Few say, I am irritating.

    But I think , I am proud about that I care about others and also I have more human values as compare to average person.

  • @violetttttt same here rip
    great hair, size 13 ft haha

  • @im-a-bae
    Thing i love about myself- I don't leave any chance to improve myself... If something better's me in some way, 'i'm in!'
    Thing i dislike- I take things seriously... This habit of developing more sides out small joys that one should enjoy in life! And i've realised this is kinda problematic if you don't enjoy small moments..
    What would I better about myself- Strike a right balance between enjoying life and being serious!

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