• Music Lovers

    Pushed now to the limit by a never ending whisper
    Lost behind the meaning of a question I can’t hear
    Dreaming of a day when life addresses me much deeper
    Found within in a headline that is nothing close to clear

    Led onto a dance floor with a blindfold and a promise
    Following the jagged steps that shuffle once again
    A slow collaboration to the music that was playing
    Performed beneath a false pretense that never should have been

    Words in place of faces with a finger pointing outward
    Fodder for the listeners who fall as one more prey
    Stalking from the shadows on the unsuspecting gazers
    Candy offered free to all of those who want to play

    Jumping to conclusions as if age will change decisions
    Casting off a friend without a compass in his hand
    Sorry if this heart has run away from past deceptions
    When its found the weight becomes much more than it can stand

    Some can be so fickle filled with uninvited feelings
    Blame is placed on others as their mind lives in a trance
    In between the lines they find affection in a poem
    Whirled about in cursive some accept as true romance

    When did I become a man who listens to his echo
    Caught outside the visions that can bring the scene alive
    Wondering aloud if I can just afford an answer
    Facts of that elusive mark which somehow I survive

    No one understands me as the crowd now wanders backwards
    Shocked that some old lunatic is running down the street
    Screaming in a language sounding like a trolley whistle
    There’s no need to fear me, why does everyone retreat

    Just another body strewn about in some odd fashion
    Move along, there’s nothing here you haven’t seen before
    Hurry, call the coroner his pen is slowly dying
    Look, a note he left behind all crumpled on the floor

    I am just a poet who at times has penned emotions
    Sending hope and happiness in fancy written charm
    Not some steely daggers there in wait beyond the forest
    Hopeful you’ll believe me that I never meant you harm

    Those were not my wishes that are sorted out and tattered
    Just a piece of fabric sewn around the fraying seams
    Stitched together tightly in a thread of indecision
    Cut by little pieces that are lost inside my dreams

    Give me just a minute and I’ll pick up where I started
    Then you’ll know the meaning of these very words I say
    Far above the message found in hypothetic banter
    Everyone, enjoy yourselves and have a lovely day

  • thanks for the beautiful poem brother.

  • Music Lovers

    @ragnar-lothbrok always welcome bruh.

  • You certainly are very wisdomous...

  • Music Lovers

    @lucifer_ hey thanks ma friend