OK so this isn’t really important I got dared to make a topic about how clumsy I am so that’s really it😂🤣😅😅

  • bolded text So here’s a funny clumsy story one day I was walking down the street this is before the coronavirus started I was walking on the street to go to the store and I Saw a bump in the sidewalk so I walked around it another few I’m not gonna fall on then I let my guard down for one second I tripped and I fell on somebody and I was so embarrassed but the more embarrassing part was is that I fell on top of my brother that was just standing in the middle of the sidewalk and he was like oh my god sister you’re so clumsy I’m like I’m so sorry bro you know I’m clumsy he was like it’s OK it’s OK so from that day on I barely talk to my brother because I’m still embarrassed

  • You are clumsy 😂