• I’ve just talked to the sweetest young boy.
    But sadly we got disconnected.
    I hope you are doing great.
    I hope you will find something interesting to read.
    I hope you’ll keep on going changing your life for the better.
    Your life is precious.

    Remember, your mom did at least one good thing.
    She had you, honey.

  • Yeah, most people lose there chat persons for no reason. Hope u will find him

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡

    It's always nice when somebody cares.

    If you ever feel like adopting another hurt individual his self-esteem has been brutally molested to quote a friend of mine "you can find me in the bottom of a box marked lost and found in the bottom of a wishing well"

  • This is a great thread. Just been chatting to someone who is gay and stuck at home with his dad who doesn't agree with it. So sad hearing how people can treat other people like crap especially when they're your parents who are supposed to love you no matter what.

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡

    @watchet I have met and lost dozens of people who were extremely decent and kind in their chats. Unfortunately, I have lost track, and apparently am not able to reach out to them again. :sob: Same as you!

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