• There was a stranger I was talking to and I really need to speak to him again. His name us David he is 15 and male. Plz sm1 help me find him again. I believe I got my instagram wrong sensing it to him so he can't text me so plz sm1 help me find him. Also David if u see this my insta is the same one I told u it is private that is why u couldn't text me so try again I'm active on it so plz try again I believe I may have texted u ik not sure but plz check ur insta and plz u or any1 help me find him. Thx for reading plz help thx.

  • Also just to clarify cuz there is probably lots of David's I told u that people hated me and called me a nerd and u asked me to be ur girlfriend which is a yes ofc

  • Plz find this smt I really need him in my life and I love him so plz either David or smt help me find him

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