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    Alright, I am among the few guys that never gave 2 fucks about sex and therefore, never pursued it; just online to possibly have meaningful interaction and maybe a connection worth maintaining. Seeing the same "Horny?" shit is depressing.

    ALL YOU EVER FUCKING SEE NOW IS STRAIGHT UP WHORES WHO HAVE NOTHING ON THEIR MINDS BESIDES SEX! Why don't you show your nudes to the millions of desperate Indians that are out for the same shit? Trust me, not every guy wants to see a girl naked and fuck, some girls' nudes may cause mental damage anyway.

    It gets tiring and sometimes, even inspires one to just go around shooting bitches in the face because God knows, they are not human but sentient sexbots. Maybe like that I will thin out the herd of parasitic THOTS and maybe, the voices of decent girls would be louder for a change.

    Jesus Christ and these bitches have the nerve to cry "all guys ever want is sex!" when they feel like they want to settle down; at age 50 when they look like the fucking Crypt Keeper. "Stop objectifying me!" when they objectify themselves every waking moment because God knows the only thing they can offer is 3 used up, disease-ridden holes, all they can do is repeat bullshit talking points and reply to everything with "OK." (If Facebook stickers are not on-hand) Pretty fucking object to me and you did this to yourself; no man forced you to act like this.

    There's more to life than cumming and getting your asshole rammed and slammed.
    Once a whore, nothing more so don't come crying when Chad, Abdul, Mario, and Tyrone don't want you anymore.

  • Freedom Writers

    @ladydara you are obviously a bot that spams the same shit everywhere. I saw your posts on other threads.