• Why is God so mean?

  • are you able to see beautiful stars at night?
    are you able to listen to wonderful music?
    are you able to feel the touch of someone you love?
    are you able to cry a good cry?

    no. he is not mean. but you are not appreciative

  • Ne dit jamais n'importe quoi... 😈😈😈

  • @adashelby That depends upon which God you mean. The chap in the Old Testament, an interpretation of the God of the Middle Eastern tribes of Abraham, well he was oft a spiteful/vengeful/egotistical sort... but consideration should be given to the Bible being created by the powerful of the time as a control device, so he may be poorly represented. Perhaps a more flexible approach to the concept of God will provide the answers you seek.

  • One time God was hanging out with us, and He was about to take a sip of His drink, but as He was lifting the can to His mouth, this bloke went, 'Whup', and tipped it all down God's front. First, He was angry, but then He pretended to be cool, but you can tell He's still letting it simmer.

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