OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!! AM I DREAMING ????????

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    1. I am very happy today because i just saw that my post an indirect imperfect confession has crossed 200 replies and i've got 11 upvotes on it 😄
    2. except talkwithstranger reasons , i am happy coz i finally realized that i was wasting my time over such people who do not even deserve my hi and i am not gonna talk to them now .
    3. next reason is that Diwali vacations are going on , Diwali is the biggest religious festival in india and is also the festival of lights 😄
    4. next reason is that a new taylor swift song has been released yesterday , it name is gorgeous .
    5. last but not the least , my favourite south korean drama couple , song joong ki and song hye kyo , who played the roles of shi jin and mo yeon in the legend drama descendants of the sun , are getting married on 31st october 2017 and i am extremely happy for them 😄
      everything's like several dreams coming true XD

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