• If he existed. wouldn't he be the evil force of earth? think about it. he is said to be omnipresent then contradicts himself when saying he has no rule over hell. He is the know it all. so he knew humans would be suffering, only claim against this isn't even a fully concrete claim, in fact it seems as if there is no reason behind human suffering other that the sin of disobeying God because of wanting to be conscient over the body. God made humans to serve him and nothing else. he made the tree as well. it all doesn't make sense.

  • Where does he say he has no rule over hell? Satan is only allowed his limited dominion over the Earth for now.

  • Hello Luciferr, I completely agree with what you have said... it sounds like God was bored or something, then he decided; "oh, let me play a game and create some 'living toys' for fun"...

  • it is also important to highlight all the famine that rules earth. drugs, rape, murder, etc.

  • God exists for sure.

  • @jack35 “will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the lord and from the glory of his might” Second Thessalonians 1:7–9

  • @luciferr respectfully, I don't think that means he doesn't have dominion over hell, it means those who never truly knew him will be eternally separated from him. There is a difference.

  • @luciferr if "god" does exist, it's more of the equivalent of a bored scientist who gives monkeys guns to see what they'd do. Notions that we have objective meaning/value are too egotistical. You can choose to believe in that if you feel it gives your life meaning and it's completely okay. Not because we're all entitled to opinions but because what you decide is your excuse to live beyond fucking and propagating the species is your decision.
    Personally, there's no logic to believing in god as said in religion

  • @Jack35 I am a muslim and our prophetMuhammed (peace be upon him)says that the only way Satan can control someone is his temptation and it's the human being who lets it conqure them!

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