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    Ok so IDK why I am back here after 23 days but I guess this is because today I didn't go to school and my playstore and YouTube aren't working properly .
    I am so sick of my life , I barely have time for myself and lemme explain my best friend status . I used to have 4 best friends , only 3 remaining now :
    Guy bff - He has malaria and is upset coz his bff who was my bff too ... Broke friendship with me and now I m producing NEGATIVE VIBES
    Ex guy bff - He didn't trust me and did show faith in a friendship breaker ... Not in me
    Girl bff 1 - She is acting really stupid coz she is totally obsessed with her relationship status and her boyfriend
    Girl bff 2 - She is the only one who is acting normal and on whom I can count on blindly right now
    Yesterday I was really happy coz I had done many complicated sums in the coaching , but as I came home ... I started feeling sick and I had a bit of fever . And then I opened my chats and this TRUST shit happened . It spoiled my mood and made me more sick and then came the news that my bff has malaria . What should I do ????!!!! I am really sick of my life ... I became ill coz I m sleep deprived . I have seriously no time to sleep . I barely sleep for 5-6 hours and that too is not sound sleep , I wake up many times at night , so therefore I guess I barely sleep for 4 hours . Is that enough ?
    I have dark circles and severe hair fall problem due to sleep deprivation and resulted decrease in my appetite.
    I am losing my friends continuously , I was going to confess my feelings to my crush today but .. here I am .. at home ...sick on the couch ..taking medicines . And all what has happened has made me lose all my guts and therefore I don't think I would be able to confess to my crush anytime soon . What do you think ??

  • @cutie-cat you're still young! this is just one of the "normal" or what most of us people undergone during teenage years or even adult years .. free yourself from worrying too much about your friendship.. people come and go in our lives.You can still meet new friends and make new happy memories with them. After all, everyone will leave us. You just have to be more comfortable with yourself, having friends or bff is just a bonus pack. I recommend you to do some art even you're not good with it.. just give it a try. :) Change your focus now, focus more on positive things in your life.. :)

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    @cjko But I don't have anyone to share my thoughts with ... I don't have any siblings or even cousins or evennnn neighbors

  • @cutie-cat that's why I'm here. :)

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    @cjko Aww thanks 😊

  • @cutie-cat said in SICK OF MY LIFE:

    What do you think ??

    Sleep for 6 hours at least even it means sleeping during unimportant and boring classes.

    Drink a lot of water, and check if you have malaria too.

    And now that you are spending some time at home today watch a nice happy movie.

    These guys are your BFF's and they have been through a lot of things with you,

    sooner or later they will realize that you more trustworthy than most people and they will come back to you...

    Till then try to stay calm and hold on tight to the friends you have.

    P.S: Unless you think you can pull off Vin Diesel or Dwayne the Rock Johnson type bald head you really need to avoid stress to reduce the hairfall!!


  • @cutie-cat said in SICK OF MY LIFE:

    nnnn neighbors

    You have us!

  • @cutie-cat you are always welcome.. you can pm me if you want someone to share your thoughts with. :)

  • @obviouslylucifer Yeah ... I'll try my best ... Thanks 😊😊

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    @cjko Ok thnx 😊😊❤❤

  • I'm sick of this life too. I just wanna scream!!!
    How could this happen to me......

  • @liliputian1 SCREAM till you feel good.

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    I think u should start meditation

  • @cutie-cat Hey cutie,enjoy life to the fullest you are young and free, a stress free life is a must have..

    Get enough sleep for you to focus on positive vibes..

    Take care of yourself and engage to some activities that will strenghten you as an individual.

    Surround yourself with quality friends.Treasure true friends,and refrain having so called friends..

    Crush?? If it makes you ok to let him know gather more guts,or else just let it fade away..

  • @bela Yeah u r right , thanks 😊

  • @cutie-cat your welcome,cheers to life

  • @bela Yeah cheers 🍻

  • @cutie-cat You have to slow it down a little bit and think about positive stuff. I'm sorry to hear about your friend with malaria, that is definitely the biggest problem among these you mentioned. Dk how old are you, but I guess you are "old" enough to understand that life comes with many positive and negative stuff, and it is up to you to decide which side you want more. Focus on positive things, go easy on yourself, and understand that a lot of people have or still are dealing with similar or even worse things. Think about it this way, try to calm yourself with positive thoughts. I'm sure there is something you like, let's say that's your crush. If you are reading this, try to understand that this is coming from a person who lost his sister, brother and 2 best friends in a car accident, had barely any good life for years but is still trying to be positive through believing in positivity. Shit happens, but there is always something after them that will make you feel better. As far as friends, people come and go from your life. I'm not saying that you should be fine with breaking your relationship with them, but also don't try too hard to keep them, because it could only affect you even harder/worse. Be yourself, and believe in better days. Have fun and good luck. Sorry for English skills.

  • @what-is-this aww ;( your story is more hearbreaking.. I'm sorry to hear that. You are a strong person really. May you have more strength and healing from all the experiences that you had.. A wish came from a person who have gone through a lot. :)

  • @cjko Thank you cjko! I hope I will, having a positive strong mind helps us in so many ways :D Hope you are doing well too.I wish you all the best :)