• I have been with the guy I am with for about 8 years. We have a child together (his idea) and now it feels like everything is falling apart.
    I wake up to him snooping through my phone at night. Which I have nothing to hide but he thinks I do.
    I think it's because he is cheating on me and has a guilty conscience.
    Maybe he hasn't actually had sex with anyone else but I am pretty sure he is talking to someone on Snapchat. We both agreed to delete snapchat forever ago because it causes problems but he recently started a new one during the time we had been fighting a lot.
    He will deny it and has denied it every time and I don't really want to go through his phone
    What do I do??????
    I am so lost and torn and have no one to talk to.
    I feel like he put a spyware on my phone so I can't even message anyone about my feelings without worrying that he will somehow see it.
    It is all starting to affect my anxiety and the way I am feeling everyday.
    How can I get out of this feeling?
    Am I making shit up in my head because of my anxiety or is my intuition right?
    Anyone feel like catfishing him for me? Haha. Kidding...kind of. Ha!

    Just looking for a friend to talk to I guess. Or feel like I have a friend...

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  • @Thatgirl8094 u can text me too if u want

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    it is time to get a new phone, second phone i mean that totally just for yourself, free of spyware.

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    @Thatgirl8094 okay so there is one thing i always tell people which is " trust is earned " not given. Like when im with someone , i make sure no matter what happens they cant trust me , with their feelings or with the fact that im going to stay faithful.
    Even with all of these , sometimes your partner needs a reminder or to assure that you are who you used to be.
    I think you both need to straight up talk about the sitiution amd communicate. Tell him how you feel and you need to be able to check his phone to feel better. Also get help from a family therapist which will help alot.

  • hey, im here to talk if u need, and i can try to give advice

  • Thanks Clayt9n. I just don't know what to do at this point. I feel stuck and alone.

  • go ahead and text me privately and i can try to help, or at least try to cheer u up

  • How? haha. Sorry I am new here

  • i sent you a message, all you need to do is open and reply

  • Hi, well if you have a suspicion i guess the easiest thing to do is check his phone, if you find nothing i suggest you sit and have a good and honest heart to heart about your feelings, if you do find something, you still need to have that heart to heart but in a constructive non argumentative way and try to find a way forward. It may be either of you has been lost in your own thoughts and not realised you have been neglecting the other or could be more serious. You have a child and that

  • should also play a part in any discussion you have. Please feel free to get in touch and i can target my help to you more specifically. Please do take care and try to manage your anxiety too.

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