Could use some advice on a partner prob

  • So like my bf 21 yrs old can be very immature, childish and selfish. He has financial issues, yet spends all his money like there’s no tomorrow and then complains he’s broke and asks me for money
    to get food delivery or something else. It’s never a lot of money but it starts to build up cause I’m a first year uni student so I need to provide for myself. Mind you I’m 1 1/2 years younger. So apart from the finance I’ve helped correct his cv and said he should apply for a job before everything opened up in April. I’ve reminded him multiple times and he’s not done it. He’s played video games all day instead. Which brings me to my next problem. That’s all he does. I’m not exaggerating like
    Most girls do. From the moment he wakes up till 12am he’s playing. I don’t even get a good morning or good night text anymore. He wasn’t always like this he used to be extremely clingy and I’d told him we should stop calling every single day for 16 hours. Cause we’d call, sleep on call and never end it. And it got exhausting for me cause I wanted my worn space so then he agreed cause he wanted the same. But now he won’t even text or call. He texts me and I reply but it’s been left in read or on delivered for the next 5 hours. I’m not asking for a lot just 5 mins away from the game. I’m starting to loose feelings but it’s more complicated as to why it’s hard to leave… anyone have advice? Or want more of the story so you can get a bigger picture?

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    There’s only one thing to do

  • i feel like you guys need more communication, mainly on his part. my advice would be to start a conversation about how you feel that he’s been neglecting you for his games & that he should make work a priority rn

  • @Missyt Life has already been a challenge without that. Talk to him. See where it goes. If it grows to a level where love is mutual, stick with him. You should prefer balance. It's healthy and it will be meaningful. If not, then settle for someone who doesn't treat you well would only waste time.

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