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  • 25 year old man here. I'm confessing that I honestly just need companionship rn. I have a lot of my life together: friends, family, hobbies, a job, money in the bank, a college degree, and a new car and my own place on the way, but I haven't had a date or sex in ten years. I honestly don't know whats wrong. I've got plenty of friends, many of them girls, I try to be as out going and genuine as I can, and even push myself to use dating apps and try talking/flirting with women in public. My standards are shot so it's not like I'm turning anyone down. As far as looks go I can't judge myself, but I get the standard you must not be trying from everyone I've brought it up to. It feels like something is wrong with me, but I don't know what it is to work on it. I just needed to get that off my chest haha

  • @rkr202b good job on getting your shit together my guy!
    A job, a degree, friends and fam, you're set 👌

    There isnt anything wrong with you inherently, so dont take any of this personally.
    Generally speaking if you want to just hook up, then it's easy; just work on the superficial aspect of you like getting jacked, showing off your status, you get the idea.
    But if you wanna wife a chick; then be patient, and develop your personality. If you wanna know more just reply 👍

  • Sometimes its just as easy as the timing is off. It probably feels like you're watching the pot of water boil, and although you're turning the flame on higher, it still won't boil. it feels useless. but it'll happen. you gotta focus on the other side of life. It is hard to have a great job. a great love. and a great place to live. Its like you only have two cupholders in your car but you got 3 drinks.

  • Hi I am Elena
    Your Horny Little Girl

  • You had a date when you were 15?
    Let's see I was probably fooling around and playing video games on my mom's phone and counter strike with friends in the local cyber cafe 🤺🤦‍♂️

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