• Im having a bad day so i thought i would post something to hopefully help you if you are having one too.

    Why do they call it a tuna fish but not a beef mammal or chicken bird.
    Things aren't on fire, fire is on things.
    What if we all used to be zombies but then there was a human apocalypse.
    Dora calls herself an explorer, yet travels only through mapped territories.
    What if the comet that killed the dinosaurs was actually an alien spaceship and we're the aliens.
    What if we can actually breathe in space, but the government tells us we can't so we wont escape.

  • What if Area 51 doesn't hold aliens but the true natives of Earth what if it is a bunker to keep them safe?? What if we are the aliens ?

  • @Vanie What about buildings? Shouldn't they call them builts? And why call them apartments? Shouldn't they be called togetherments?

  • Also, people always tell me to be myself. But then they say "act normal" its like hello? I aint normal

  • @Vanie I hope, sincerely, that your day turns around and improves soon.

  • @Matt_Aranha thank you. The kind words of people like you help.

  • @Vanie Why do they call it a pair of pants, when you only get one?

  • @Lazz dude your breaking my mind

  • @Lazz dudeeeeee

  • @Vanie Don't even get me started on the whole gender thing

  • @Lazz whoa okay

  • @Lazz just so you know, i call everyone bro and dude.

  • @Vanie For that matter: Why do women get MANicures?

  • @Vanie BOOM uhhh...edit edit edit geeze

  • @Lazz welp i ain't a doctor so i can't answer that

  • @Vanie You're either overthinking or you're walking me into a trap here...

  • @Lazz um neither?

  • @Vanie One of the most masculine men in mythology was named HERcules.

  • How’s come people tell you to stay a kid for as long as you can. Yet the moment you do anything childish or immature they tell you to grow up.

  • @Uno lol i say that allll the time. Twinsies lol

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