Dear Judith, if you read this post

  • Hi Judith, how are you?
    I miss you a lot. When your birthday passed, my birthday passed, our first owo marriage date passed, or even the day when i confessed to you.
    I ​remember the day when you asked me to move on from you. The day when you said that i have to find someone else "the real one".
    I think we have to meet in real life, Judith. You asked me what i want to do with you in future? These are my lists:

    1. I want to propose you, to be my long partner of life. I am asexual, Judy. I have tried my best to be with someone, paid someone, to fulfill my "hunger", my answer is clear, i dont feel the desire to fuck someone. Do i feel frustrated? Yes. I remember the day when someone asked whether i fap you all night or not? I cant, i dont and i wont.
      Your picture is still with me.
    2. Will you find someone else to change me, in the future aput? No, i have tried my best Judith. Do you remember my first love whom i told you that she asked me the second chance? I feel numb inside, Judith. I think all of my feelings had been lost, you were there, the time when that company faced the bankruptcy, you were there even if it is not all night. the time when i lost my pride as a man, all of those things, you stood on me not as a girlfriend but more than that. A sister, a friend, a mother, a lover, a best friend moreover a protector.
    3. I love you Judith, not because of your beautiful face. It is purely like i was a homeless man who got foods all days, i was a man who lost my value, i was a broken one who was afraid to fall in love again, i was a human who did not have any plans for future. You gave me those answers, you let me put my shoes, find a way to fix anything, be someone who can listen more not to reply but to understand the situations.
      Judith, will you let me to meet you? Will you at least give me the time to fix everything that has been fucked up? I need you,

    I love you, Judith