Can you notice my post, i badly want answers.

  • @knownsense master of shit? what video? you eating your shit cause it's bloated?

  • @knownsense now i know... you are so itchy down there and you cant seems to locate your peanut balls, that is why you needed service... let's do business, deposit the BTC then i will fly over to your place and scratch it for you... and please my fee would be 1000 BTC, contact me when you have deposit it, ok? don't talk cock sing song doraemon.

  • I think someone like the creator of this thread is called troll or attention whore :D

  • @Kp_corleone , see brother I am being now a key board worrier, and I do not want to be, I break it down for you, every one know money can't buy happiness full stop. No comments..
    Forget we agree for disagree okie.
    Now I ask you why you angry ? With whom for what? Becasue you didn't get what you wanted from me? Or you want to prove that I can't send you money? Or you think I am boosting myself l? Ok let it be that way for you and I accept it okie, moth Ng matters to me and I have no one to prove what I am and who I am and what Capable of rather than myself, ok I agree for you and I accept it that u think what ever you think about me .. okie your dick is bigger than my dick from all heart and for m my balls I swer holding it I agreed ..
    Anything else I shoulf agree with you, I will for you may be feel great and sleep well today
    I heard from folk comman sense is not for everyone one, and better agree for disagree ..

  • I apologize for using bitter word here

  • Wtf dude, you come here being so happy as a keyboard warrior by purchasing internet connection with money, yet you still thought you are so rightful about money cant buy happiness, idky you insisting. You need to know between long-term happiness and short-term happiness. If you still think money cannot buy happiness, try to live without it. I am not angry with you but i wonder why there's a person so fake. You will not getting a girlfriend here by being a wanna be philosopher. One more thing, if yourself can't seems to be happy with money you had, it's totally fine, you can donated it to those who needing it the most, like the starving kids all over the country and you will see the happiness in their eyes n laughter once you said money cannot buy.

  • You must be too easy

  • @knownsense my friend you are just a desperate asshole in need of attention. I.I'm sorry that mummy didn't love you and daddy was embarrassed by you but you can't really blame them can you? P.s. i don't mean a word of this but if you are gonna dish it out then you need to take it too. I do however, think you are one of the top ten idiots I've conversed with on this site,possibly a podium finish if you could refine your bullshit to something intellectually challenging rather than "haha you fuck goats" Just sayin' 😁

  • no. Its because They are ugly

  • @Scottish ok I agree for you and it's all you and you are the best intelligent old boy ok in this site and I vote for you too, anything else ? Let me know

  • @Scottish I do my research and development talk I have nothing to prove that o you okie , about racism I send you a video check it..

  • @Scottish ,
    Brother , you live in nice and rosy world, all you like to hear good and positive things about you and your people, fair enough, I am not putting my agenda into your Brian and I do my research then I speak , not has its ultimate thought none other than this as gods mesaanger.
    I am not here to make a arguement, dude I do not want to say what I am? I have no one to prove to,no need too , Al is well.
    I felt funny when I read all the text in here and didn't made sense Any more for myself it was past, I was showing anger towards this social media and made me look like a stupid twat for myself, talking to people here with uncertain arguements, intellectual always like to debate, with informatic Knowleadge not experiemced,I am not a match for you here to have debate with (only for now), dealing a dealt part not interested, I have a orginal dacumentry about this phycology test , please send you email and I will send about goat fucker too form your own country married bizzare things
    I do not like to argue I do not say you should believe it, bit please do not make assumptions for yourself and make it as ultimate truth.

  • @Scottish Seriously I have no problem if I look life a dumb Infront of you and g and I will not go against it because I am not agreeing for my own stupidy..
    I do not know means I do not know !! and there is no" but or reasons" here to pretend to know that I am better than you ..
    humbely ask you, seek more to know being open and admitting my fault if I had any .

  • @Gracevussca way😱... Trust me... You're more than that😌.. They don't know your worth... That's why😌.. Don't look down o. Yourself ok... Simple truth is... They're boys😂😂 and not men... 💁.. And PS... I think you're beautiful the way God created you..🙆

  • @Gracevussca there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. You must believe in yourself and love yourself first and recognize the magnificent being that you are. Once you understand that, you won’t need validation from anyone and you can walk in the full power of who you are. Guys that can’t handle that may make it seem like it’s your issue when in reality it is theirs. You deserve the best, so don’t settle for less.

  • @Gracevussca it’s not about your outer appearance. It’s how you feel inside. Your inner world creates your outer reality.

  • @Gracevussca u will reap what u sow