• I have been migrated to the country (i wont reveal its name), i felt that people of that country treat you differently. Why does this happen. Aren't we human equal!!! Is Being Immigrant Crime...???

  • Of course it's not a crime. Of course we are equal.
    But there are cruel people everywhere. There are people who would hate you only for the DNA you have. They are not completely sane people.
    You should remain self-respecting, anyway.
    I wish you well, truly.

  • @Zero0 Thank you for your opinion. I wish the world was full of people like you

  • @Lucky-Dude No being an immigrant isn't a crime.
    However often people get worried that there aren't enough resources to share. It's not immigration, it's anywhere there is an implied boundary and "new" people come in. It could be a suburban neighborhood that gets an influx of people from the city. They see schools get more filled and roads more crowded and they worry that "there's not enough".
    I don't know a good solution. I don't think it's right, but I see their point.

  • @kh1123 actually you are right...but try to see from perspective of those people who cannot live in their due to many reasons...(again i dont wanna point out)... they have the right to live .. don't they??

  • @Lucky-Dude live in their country*

  • @Lucky-Dude Yes, of course they have a right to live!
    As I said, I don't think it's fair but I don't have a good solution either.

  • @Lucky-Dude

    Is Being Immigrant Crime...???

    well, it depends on whether you entered the country legally or illegally ;D

    anyways, my opinion is that they are treating you differently because they don't know you yet. you're a new arrival, so they don't know how to perceive you or what you're up to.

    if you show them that you're a nice human being, they'll definitely start treating you better

  • my issue with immigrants is this. a country should TAKE CARE OF ITS OWN FIRST! then we can help others. why is that so wrong? remember in the Titanic sinking "women and children first"? no one said anything about that. i will help a US homelessvet before i help a migrant crying about persecution

  • @kh1123 exactly! only 1 earth! water, shelter, and food are not an endless bottomless pit. but we are supposed to pretend they are or we are racist. slap that sticker on me then, ill wear it!

  • @sarah_the_magpie First of all whoever enter a country illegally, i m against them but again we cant judge what if that person who entered illegally had no choice but to leave his country to survive.
    Second, i do agree with you to have good behavior and treat well with the environment because if you do good then you will definitely receive good. :)

  • @mikeJB well i understand tour point of view as well. I believe u r from US, and US is cery powerful in terms of economic, stability and many more. Dont you think the government is able to give them food and shelter??

  • @Lucky-Dude you said the key word POWER. and POWER corrupts. yes i live in the US, one of the most corrupt places on earth. one word, Trump

  • @mikeJB now you should agree with me. If the government is corrupt. Then why blame the innocent Immigrant??

  • @Lucky-Dude i dont blame them. but i wish they would realize we do not have unlimted resources! also think about this. you come over with your 5 kids. those 5 kids will be taught in OUR schools. which them become crowded. that hurts kids already there. then i have to find ajob and food for you . does that job cost someone else? what about the money that goes to help you. where does that come from? the whole system is flawed but you have to understand American backlash.

  • @mikeJB I agree with you.

  • I'm going to mainly stay out of this conversation but I have to say this hatred in any shape or form is just plain wrong. Normally hatred is an emotion that only hurts the one doing the hate however in your situation that hate could hurt you as well my advice is to just try to blend in and get along don't make waves. No one on this Earth technically owes you anything you have to earn your keep no matter where you are no matter what you do.
    Pay your own way earn what you need what you have to have to survive and live a decent life.
    the majority of people are way too caught up in their own daily lives and their own problems if they don't see you as part of their problem then they probably just will not see you.period. and while I'm on the subject of the majority of people they don't see the big picture. They don't look at it like we are all on the same planet and we are all earthlings they look at it like I am this and you are that.
    Me? I'm just another squirrel in the world trying to get a nut...... No different than any other squirrel out there no better no worse

  • @Lucky-Dude Yes.

    Now, let me be clear: entering a foreign country as a temporary migrant is perfectly fine. Cultural exchanges are always very illuminating for everyone involved. Of course, one cannot also refuse offering asylum to women and children escaping from warfare.
    However, permanently entering a foreign domain to live off the backs of the people already present, demand respect while none is given to the hosts, multiply in hundreds over the course of only a few decades - this is an awful thing indeed.

    You are a man, are you not? The country you were born in shaped you, the culture and the religion you were taught as a child made you into who you are today. Why would you leave? If it is war you're running away from, stand your ground and fight like a man for a better future. If it is poverty or misery you're escaping from, be the change and work hard to improve your land so that your children may have a brighter future.

    The way I see it, the only way permanent migration is acceptable is if you're willing to completely shed off your ties to your folk, your patriotic allegiance towards your country of birth, and enter your destination with a sincere wish to become an upstanding member of your newly chosen community. If you're willing to perform such a sacrifice, my hat's off to you.

  • No, we are not equal or the same. If we were then we would all look and behave the same. Migration is bad if you have no intention to assimilate to where you are relocating to. Very bad to have a community of different people who all want and believe in different things and follow different cultures and traditions. Under a democracy it just makes too many different groups all fighting for control of everything. Homogeneous society is much simpler to govern over. If you're going to move to a new country, be prepared to assimilate and become a part of that country and it's way of life, do not bring your country into the one you're supposed to be joining.