I can't be myself with the people around me. Is that bad?

  • The title speaks for itself. I just can't be me. I have to some kind of an example around all the people i have met the past 2 years. I act happy, never gets mad or stressed and have to take care of many people around me. It's taking a toll on my studies and my hobbies. I just needed a place to let it all out! Damn!

  • Also fuck my college!

  • Im gonna flunk because you stupid Head of Departments don't fucking care about your students. You just want to make your fucking miserable life convenient by screwing us! Pieces of shit!

  • Ya bad but being in college is hard

  • I understand that college is hard especially in my field(medical) but my college is on a whole another level of bullshit. While all other colleges have conducted their internals online and are actually trying to help their students because of the setbacks caused by covid, my college just preponed our exams which was to set to start next month to the 27. They basically said fuck you to our time management and time table. Not to mention we are having 2 different exams for different subjects in one day, which goes on for 4 days without a break. They want us to study and revise all the subjects in 3 days? These teachers have no care for their students men. Even the online classes were shitty!

  • The girl i have a crush on is also getting away from me. What a shitty start to the year.

  • @D1Vine Thanks man. I am actually very composed irl and takes it easy. I was just soo fckin frustrated for earlier. I just dont fckin care anymore. xD

  • @Whatever77 I have been in a place where I felt like I needed to please people to keep them happy or feel right within myself. It was actually toxic for me and the built up feelings of angst were burning me out. It took a long time to realise that it's a futile endeavour.

    There is a problem with that environment. People shouldn't expect us to bend to their whim all time but equally if we allow it by not trying be our authentic self then people will generally not try to help us change. The answer for me was in my self talk. I had to change the way I see myself and not be threatened by other people.

    I don't know if your situation is similar or not. But I do know that emotionally you can't go through life trying to please other people without paying the price in your own mental or emotional stability 😁

    Edit: And props to you for talking about it openly. That's a great step towards dealing with a problem 👍

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