• Hi Zaid, I know you don't feel the same way as I do but I really really like you. You are so annoying! You keep on bugging me everyday, you keep on running in my head the whole day- it really sucks... that... you will never notice me. The girl you like is so... damn lucky

  • Are you alright?

  • @shai0601

    The girl you like is so... damn lucky

    Nah..He is unlucky he couldnt see you.. however i dont know if you even told him about your feelings but anyways Good Luck to you. ❤

  • “I will never forgive you for abandoning me, but I will always be grateful to you for saving me when I couldn’t. That’ll be my never ending”.
    Well that was therapeutic, writing this :)

  • @pia thats really dramatic towards the poor guy

  • @Alireza-iran absolutely 🤣 That’s why it’s something left unsaid and kept in the ‘please stop being insane’ section of my brain.

  • @Pia thats definitely unsaid. I dont even remember reading that :)

  • @Alireza-iran Exactly. 🤣

  • @pia im sure you have more you need to get out

  • We cannot unleash the Kraken. Nobody would be safe, would they 🤣
    And actually I don’t think there is more, I think that sums it all pretty well.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'd like to tell anyone who is struggling to find a reason to carry on; Think of a memory. Think of a time in your life when you were truly happy, no matter how how big or small that moment was, dwell on it. Now think of a time in your life when things were worse than they are for you now, a time when you thought there was nary a chance to come through it in one piece. let it pass through your mind for a moment. Think back to people you have loved, who have loved you in return, regardless of where they are now, take a moment to analyze your triumphs and your failures. understand that no matter what happens in life, you have to keep the goodness from your past held strong in your heart, and carry that joy with you in the darkest of shadows, You need to look back on the events in your life that just about broke you in two, and draw strength from that. You are still here, You're still fighting, even if you don't want to, even if you feel like you cant. embrace that fighting spirit. and turn your pain into motivation, channel all that emotion into a fuel for your will. and keep in mind. there have been times in your life where you knew joy, and those days will return, especially if you FIGHT for them. life doesn't get easier. I wish I could say that it does, but that would be a lie. The difference lies with you. You get better at handling the hardship, and eventually, events that almost broke you will seem like no big deal, so long as you keep striving to do better. the last thing i'd like to say; You can only rely on yourself at the end of the day. Learn to love yourself, accept your flaws, and change the things that are in your power to change. You have to accept yourself for who you are, because you cant break up with, nor cut ties with yourself. you have to accept every mistake and shortcoming and love yourself unconditionally. on top of that, you most likely have people that love you, that need you in this world, and would never be the same without you. You can make it through this, even if you are at your lowest, for if that's the case, the only way to go is up.