• just because I am quiet and get on with my work. doesn't mean I am mute, I am just afraid after everything I been through. I have been through bulling, cyber-bullying, jokes that are actually painful to listen. yes, I can't hear that well. probably because
    I am not pretty, I am coughing all the time. but is that all of me. that why I don't talk and have mental-break-downs. you want be to be the perfect daughter, sibling, friend or student every single day. you never actually think that I am sick of it. I may be the quiet girl but is it not suppose be action speaker louder than words. so why do hate me? what have I ever done to you for you to hate me. why do I have to cry in the bathroom and why do I have to fake a smile everyday.

  • I am sorry to hear this is happening to you. you do not deserve this. As for the question of why you, it is probably because of your quietness that makes you a target especially if you're alone often. you are quiet and therefore easier than someone who let's say is more likely to resist or scream and fight. I am afraid I can't tell you specifically why they chose to hurt you. hurt people hurt people. which is not an excuse or fair but sadly it happens all the time. I hope you can get away from this situation either through time or intervention. I know it is hard, but if you can find someone you trust ask them to help you. you do not have to solve this on your own. it's nearly impossible to do that. And it is for sure not your fault. you deserve to be left alone and be happy. I hope this helps.

  • thank you. what you have said is maybe the kindest words I have heard over the years. thank you for these words that mean so much

  • You didn't do anything to anyone. It's just,this is how this world works. I am not saying that everyone is a bad guy in this world or something, it's unfortunate that plenty of kids have to deal with this ugly side of the society cus they are forced to behave more maturely than they should at their age.
    I would only advice you to not be hard on yourself, if u can ask for help then don't hesitate, it's your right, go claim it.
    And one more thing i dunno what's your age and if you will get it or not but the best thing you can ever do for yourself is to learn how to let things go 🙂. It'll help you to heal from traumas cus holding on to them isn't the solution. And it's really hard to do that but it's worth it.

  • @radioactive45 I hope things have gotten at least a little better for you; if not yet, I promise they will. Hang on in there, and one day you will rise high above all these people who've tried to bring you down.

    Side note: a lot of it could be jealousy. Bullies target people who have what they want. Maybe it's that your grades are better than theirs. Maybe you are more attractive than you realise. Maybe they are intimidated by your quiet discipline and focus that they can only dream of.

    Think of yourself as a seed. You're in the dark now, but when you bloom into the light it's going to feel amazing.

  • Hmm I don't think ur weak it's just think that u can't accept the truth. So accept the fact and u will free of your worries. Next to the main topic it's not that your beautiful your just being yourself and people won't accept it because they are jealous of you for being yourself. Now think just if some children came and beat you, will you beat them back? Nope right! So think that your classmates as kids and see, why are wasting even in this nonsense just see your classmates as kid and forgive them for their stupidity.
    Girl u got a long way to go don't waste your time in this things .

    Ur a boss bitch girl😈